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UAS Inspection

UAS Inspection

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Revolutionary change for your business

Manual inspections are inefficient, costly and risky under certain conditions. DJI Drones equipped with infrared or zoom cameras are excellent alternatives to manual inspection, especially on long-distance and potentially dangerous inspection missions. Drones are now widely used for inspecting power plants, forests and oil pipelines, as well as for government environmental protection and surveillance.
All the largest companies in the world, which have included a DJI drone in their production process, have saved time and money with a consequent increase in productivity.

Educational objectives

This course is aimed at already experienced drone pilots who want to become experts in commercial, industrial and military aerial inspection.
Top-notch DJI cameras with zoom, infrared and thermal cameras will be used.

The course is aimed at both individuals who want to become great professionals and companies who want to train their employees for aerial inspection missions.

Curriculum program

The Aerial Inspection course takes place in 2 phases.


The first phase is dedicated to online preparatory learning and the following topics will be covered:

Basic knowledge on multi-rotor drones, Basic Flight Maneuvers, Flight Safety, Regulations and GEO Zones Unlocking, Maintenance and Troubleshooting, DJI Pilot Control App, Camera Zoom Settings, Thermal Camera Settings and Automated Flight Missions.


The second phase, dedicated to on-site learning, will be divided into three days.

Day 1

The first day, which will take place in the classroom, will be dedicated to the knowledge and control of the Thermal Chamber and the Zoom Chamber through the DJI Pilot app.

The student will be able to learn the principles of aerial detection and mapping through the use of the dedicated DJI apps, as well as the tools and practices that are useful and necessary for planning and managing flight routes and managing common problems.

Day 2

The second day, which will be held at the airfield, will be dedicated to manual flight practice where the student will be able to improve their piloting skills in GNSS and ATTI mode and will be able to acquire advanced control of the DJI Pilot app.

BVR (Beyond Visual Range) operations and the first aerial inspection missions will be performed.

Day 3

The third day will focus on managing automated missions with the dedicated DJI app and will be dedicated to planning and executing a mapping mission.
Different camera technologies will be used such as: zoom, infrared, thermal cameras and further equipment dedicated to aerial inspection.


Flight safety education

Control practice

DJI Enterprise Drones

DJI Pilot application

Payload installation

Use and maintenance of mission equipment


Panoramic videography

Capture photos / videos from multiple angles

Automated flight mission

BVR (Beyond-Visual-Range) Inspection

Infrared data analysis and processing

Use of zoom and notions of thermography

5g antenna inspection with dji drone

Application for cell tower inspection with zoom camera

flir xt2 dji current trellis image

Inspection for equipment failures with thermal imaging camera

flir xt2 dji camera

Application of the thermal imaging camera in environmental monitoring

dji matrix 600 drone

Practice with the latest industrial platforms


All aspiring DJI drone pilots will be required to take the standard tests after the training course, including the theory exam and the practical test. The DJI Academy - UTC certificate will be issued for those who pass the final test, in recognition of related UAS operations and application capabilities.

The DJI Academy certificate is issued directly by DJI and is valid worldwide. The same is verified from the official website of the DJI Academy worldwide.
Even if you are already an Easa certified pilot, the DJI certificate will allow you to be recognized as a specialist in the sector and work on higher level projects.

Application scenarios
dji electricity pylons inspection

High voltage lines

photovoltaic panel thermal inspection

Solar panels

aerial inspection camera zoom dji

Wind farms

Aerial inspection dji camera



Traffic monitoring

Zenmuse XT2 DJI thermo camera

Inspections with thermo chambers


Explosives site


Illegal constructions


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