My name is Davide De Zan and I am the founder of 3Digital and on this page I will briefly explain who I am and why you should choose us :)

As a child, technology has always been my passion. My previous work experience was in the technological field as a consultant and IT System Integrator.

I have many hobbies and passions, the main ones that led me to create this company are 3; and here the name 3Digital was born.

3Digital :

  • 3 , like the macro categories of this company (Drones, 3D Printers and Electronics), supported by a advice
  • D , by Drone
  • 3D , like the world of 3D printing
  • Digital , overall everything sold in this store revolves around digital logic

Our video interview

Consulting, why?

Nowadays sales must be emotional, the customer must feel supported and understood and have the peace of mind of knowing that there is always someone at his disposal to resolve any problems.

The mission of this company is precisely this, it is not just a store, but a personal store, where for anything you can write to us in chat or call us on the phone, to help you with your choices or give you some useful advice on achieving your goals or ideas.

This also ties into our “ Hack Your Ideas ” PayOff; Free your mind, we'll take care of the rest.

A bit of history...

The company was founded in 2022 and its success was almost immediate, thanks also to our fairs in Italy and supplies to various public administrations.

We decided to invest the revenues for the year 2022 completely in our growth and now 3Digital is pleased to have opened its first physical store in April 2023 !

Since 2024, Team 3Digital has expanded and now has two new divisions with dedicated people: the Technical Team ( support@3digital.tech ) and the Sales Team ( veronica@3digital.tech ).

Our skills

We have several certifications and courses performed in the field of Drones and 3D Printers.

We are equipped with UAS Operators both internal and external to the company and have all the available qualifications (A1-A3, A2 and Specific) and expertise in the field of aerophotogrammetry, multispectral and thermal data collection.

Many years of experience in both professional and industrial 3D printing, from plastics, resins, food and metals!