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The Simplify3D slicer software suite contains everything you need to start making parts on your new 3D printer. Import your digital models/CAD data, select your preconfigured settings and generate your advanced G-Code instructions in seconds.

Main features:
  • Smart and easy to use slicer software for your 3D printer
  • Settings for the most common 3D printers and integrated materials
  • Vary layer height, speed, temperature, and more within a 3D printing process
  • Innovative Support Structure - Additive manufacturing with soluble support filament

  • Note: This is a digital download. After ordering you will receive your license key by email.

    Simplify3D – Easy-to-use slicer software for your 3D printer – start additive manufacturing right away


    The Simplify3D software suite contains All the necessary to start making parts with your new 3D printer. Import your digital models/CAD data, select your pre-configured settings And generate your own G-Code instructions in seconds. View an animated preview of your build sequence and start your 3D printing knowing you have optimized your model for the best 3D print quality possible! Note: This is a digital download. After ordering you will receive your license key by mail.

    Main product features:

    • Intelligent support structure
    • Variable slice settings
    • Vary layer height, speed, temperature
    • Animated 3D print preview
    • Advanced multi-component additive manufacturing
    • Filling of different heights
    • Works with most 3D printers


    Intelligent support structures

    You control where the detachable support structures are placed. Use mouse clicks to add or delete media according to your preferences. Save production time, save material And optimize your final part with supports that come off easily And cleanly . This software is a must for large and complex 3D prints! Now split your CAD data into printable G-code.

    Variable slice settings

    To apply different cut settings within the same part such as a 40% fill base and a 15% fill top.

    Select your settings

    It is possible to vary the height of the layer, the speed of production , the temperature or any other setting to obtain an incredible quality of workmanship . This feature is very useful for testing and calibration, it applies a setting every 10mm and then evaluates the final part to determine the optimal 3D printing settings . This is a wonderful way to fine-tune the capabilities of your 3D printer.

    Animated 3D print preview

    Look a virtual fast forward animation of your 3D model under construction. Precise views let you view sliced ​​CAD data layer-by-layer or row-by-row. This detailed view of the building process allows you to identify areas for improvement before starting 3D printing with filament.

    Advanced multi-part printing

    Add 3D models as CAD data of your choice and let the software organize the parts to maximize print bed capacity. It is also possible apply different settings for different models yes they find on the same printing platform . For example, if you produce 3 parts at once, you can choose settings that will optimize the 3D print quality of each part. The special multi-part 3D printing mode optimize the frequency with which the 3D printer moves between various parts to improve production quality and save 3D printing time. Let's simplify multi-part complex printing.

    Thin outline, thick fill

    Apply this setting to save time when using very fine outer layer heights. It's possible 3D print 3 very thin 0.1mm contour layers while processing 1 layer of filler 0.3 mm thick . It takes just a click of the mouse to activate this feature and can save hours of 3D printing time, while still providing a part with higher quality external details.

    Full control over starting point sewing

    This new feature makes a huge difference in the quality of your 3D print by controlling the starting point location for each layer. Many people refer to the residue of a starting point as a pimple that stays on your end. You can now choose from 3 options that control the starting point location.

    • Make the starting points completely random to create a nice smooth exterior
    • Optimize all starting points for maximum production speed (and typically minimal bleeding between layers); OR
    • Line all starting points to a specific location, this is one of our new favorites! For example, if you were producing 4 different parts, you could choose a different start point location for each part and hide transition marks in an unused area of ​​each part.


    Above all, the Simplify3D software is specifically optimized for use with your new 3D printer. It already contains all the necessary preconfigured settings for to boot 3D printing quickly and easily. Bring your own production experience to a upper level and get started today with Simplify3D software!

    For more information visit:

    Detailed information about the software is available at:

    Technical details

    • The product is an electronic download that is sent to you by email immediately after purchase
    • Software is cross-platform and can be installed on Windows, Mac OS X or Linux systems
    • System requirements: Intel Pentium 4 processor or higher, at least 2GB of RAM. Windows XP or later, Mac OS X 10.6 or later, Ubuntu Linux 12.10 or later. OpenGL 2.0 compatible system
    • Improve the quality of your 3D printing and save time and money

    Purchase this slicer software for easy 3D printing. Simplify3D simplifies the CAD to G-Code process and offers many smart features.

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