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UV Resin Normal Anycubic 1KG

UV Resin Normal Anycubic 1KG

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Anycubic's standard UV resin is a favorite of many consumers as it ensures the strength of printed parts without excessive shrinkage, it also improves printing speed, shortens curing time, and improves the printing efficiency of LCD machines as much as possible.


  • Main material: Resin monomer and photo-initiator
  • UV wavelength 365-410nm
  • Lower exposure time 20-60s
  • Normal exposure time 5-15s

Storage method:

  1. Keep away from light sources and at room temperature. (The sun contains a lot of UV light, it will solidify the photosensitive resin. After testing, the light is not affected as long as it is not UV light.)
  2. It is recommended to store at 15 -35° room temperature, the lower the temperature, the higher the viscosity of the resin. Sealed storage, excessive dust or moisture can affect print quality. The sun contains a lot of UV light, it will solidify photosensitive resin.


  1. Shake well before use, prohibited from using resin in places where there is a lot of sunlight.
  2. Wear gloves before use to avoid direct contact with skin and keep the environment ventilated.
  3. Involuntary contact, as soon as possible rinse the part of the body that has had contact with fresh water. If you feel unwell, consult a doctor promptly.
  4. Printed models should be cleaned with high concentration alcohol to at least 30S (recommended concentration of 95% or more, the higher the better).
  5. Do not pour the vat resin into the unused resin bottle, do not leave the resin in the resin vat for a long time without using it, to avoid resin alteration which may affect the printing effect (the resin not used for a long time time can be placed in airtight containers or sealed with protective film).
  6. The resin has a shelf life of up to 18 months

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