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400W EcoFlow Portable Solar Panel

400W EcoFlow Portable Solar Panel

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Portable and Lightweight: With a 400W input, it is one of the most powerful foldable solar panels on the market. Weighing just 16kg, the lightweight design and built-in shoulder strap make it ideal for lovers of outdoor adventures.

Equipped with stand: The protective case conveniently transforms into an adjustable stand from 40 to 80° allowing the solar panels to capture as much sunlight as possible .

Robust and waterproof: Made with layers of bendable EVA and durable fiberglass to combine the versatility of flexible solar panels with the strength of rigid ones. Each monocrystalline silicon cell is covered in ETFE film, which protects against debris, dirt and water. With an IP68 waterproof rating, the portable solar panel works in all weather conditions, perfect for camping and rooftop use.

Smart Solar Energy: The 400W EcoFlow solar panel has a conversion efficiency of 22.4% and when paired with an EcoFlow portable solar generator, it can produce even more energy throughout the day. The solar generator regulates its efficiency using the MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) algorithm to provide constant power.

Turn sunlight into clean, renewable energy using 400W portable solar panels, perfect for camping, RVs and home use.

400W Portable Solar Panels

Our 400W portable solar panel offers high solar output, conversion efficiency rating and a convenient folding design, so you can carry it at any time.

High energy and solar efficiency

Faster charging, wherever you go.

A single solar panel with a unique folding design, our 400W solar panel combines powerful energy production with portability. To achieve 23% higher solar conversion efficiency, we use multi busbar monocrystalline cells, so you get even more energy to charge your portable power station.

An integrated and self-supporting support

Optimize your energy.

The 400W Ecoflow solar panel comes with a protective case that doubles as a sturdy stand. Simply place the panel anywhere and adjust its angle to achieve maximum solar efficiency.

Ready for outdoor use.

Made from durable and flexible materials, the portable solar panel is perfect for off-grid activities and travel. The multi-layer design offers high impact resistance for the harshest outdoor environments, while the light weight of 16 kg allows you to easily transport the device on a camping trip. A hard layer integrated into the carrying case protects the panel from folding during transport or storage.

Designed to withstand storms.

Our 400W solar panel can continue to absorb power even during a storm. With an ETFE protective film and the high IP68 protection rating, the solar cells can tolerate humid, wet, dry and dusty environments.

Solar energy always with you.

Ecoflow's 400W solar panel is an essential component for your camper or camping. The compact design saves valuable space for your other travel essentials. When you need to go on your next adventure, simply fold the panel to store it in your van or car.

Package contents

  1. 400W solar panel
  2. Kickstand case
  3. Solar to XT60i charging cable
  4. User manual

Frequent questions

Are portable solar panels effective?

Portable solar panels are an extremely effective, clean and renewable method of charging a portable power station. EcoFlow 400W portable solar panels have higher electrical output than traditional solar panels and are more efficient thanks to monocrystalline cells. You can connect up to three 400W portable solar panels and use them with a DELTA Pro portable power station to achieve 1200W of power. Additionally, EcoFlow portable power stations use an MPPT algorithm that ensures a constant energy supply. Unlike static models, portable solar panels can be easily moved and adjusted depending on the sun's position in the sky.


Nominal power


Cell type

Monocrystalline silicon





Open circuit voltage

48V (Vmp 41V)

Short-circuit current

11A (Imp 9.8A)

Weight (solar panel)

Approximately 16.0kg

Weight (with case with kickstand)

Approximately 19kg

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