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Mosaic Palette 3 Pro

Mosaic Palette 3 Pro

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Multi-material and multi-coloured upgrade

Palette 3 Pro offers maximum flexibility in terms of choice of colors and materials. With Palette 3 Pro it is possible to process as many as 8 different filaments in a single print, opening up unprecedented possibilities for 3D printing.

SpliceCore optimized for faster printing without filament jams

The aluminum Splice Core Pro allows for faster splicing and cooling, optimizing overall print time. Palette 3 Pro's updated and optimized Splice Core connects filaments in an improved and efficient way. An additional fan cools the filament as it leaves the SpliceCore dramatically speeding up the process. This increases efficiency by making Palette 3 Pro 20% faster than Palette 2S and 10% faster than Palette 3.

Multi-material for infinite potential

The 8 filament inputs allow the user maximum flexibility and the creation of more complex prints. With 8 different filaments, you can make more aesthetic and realistic 3D prints. By combining flexible and rigid materials, functional parts or models with detachable or removable support structures can also be created.


In connection with the Slicer Canvas software, users can easily print logos, text or images onto the template. With this feature, 3D printing can be made even more personalized and detailed.

Automated filament management system

With automated filament management, you can use backup spools to run longer, larger prints without having to worry about running out of filament or replacing an empty spool mid-print.

Integrated Canvas Hub

Palette 3 Pro features a built-in Canvas Hub to ensure a simple, seamless printing process. Since the Canvas Hub is already integrated, you don't need to purchase and configure any additional hardware to connect all your devices.

You can access your prints directly from Palette's touchscreen and start printing in seconds. Even if you're not on the same network, prints can be done remotely with Canvas monitoring.

All 3D prints can be managed in the cloud and shared with other users.

Larger touchscreen with higher resolution

New features, on a larger screen and with higher resolution, enable an intuitive and efficient printing process. Updated features allow for additional adjustments and controls directly on the screen. You can start or stop prints, add gradients or special commands directly from the Palette 3 Pro screen.

Revised limit switches

Palette 3 Pro features newly designed and improved hardened steel limit switches that have been tested for durability and wear. The design is compact, offers more space for better monitoring and tracking of filament throughout the device, and is perfect for filament shortage detection.

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