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PLA Luminous UV Light filament 1.75mm 1KG - AzureFilm

PLA Luminous UV Light filament 1.75mm 1KG - AzureFilm

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Test print:

 3D printer: Creality Ender 3

 Infill: 20%

 Nozzle temperature: 215°C 

Slicer: Heal

Shells: 2

Bed temperature: 55°C

Nozzle: 0.4mm

Layer height: 0.2 mm

Print speed: 50 mm/s 

Recommended settings:
Nozzle temperatures: 200–230°C
Heated bed: Not required (recommended 50–60°C)
Print speed:50–100 mm/s
Build platform: Glass bed, Kaptontape, Blue tape.

PLA is the best-known type of 3D filament, probably because it is one of the easiest 3D filaments to print and doesn't warp easily, so it doesn't require a heatbed (although it certainly helps to heat it up). Another benefit of using PLA is that it is considered an odorless filament and is more eco-friendly than many other 3D printer filaments.

So it looks like a perfect 3D filament but just like any other plastic, it has some disadvantages; PLA material has low temperature resistance and will begin to lose mechanical strength at temperatures above 60°C. It's also important to remember that this filament is fragile, so avoid creating 3D models in PLA that may be bent, twisted, or repeatedly dropped. Rather use it to make 3D models such as decorations, low-wear toys, prototype parts and containers.

Even though our PLA filament is made of materials that are safe to use with food, we don't recommend drinking or eating often while using your 3D prints, because bacteria can build up over time.

Our PLA filament is compatible with virtually all 3D printers, including Creality and MakerBot printers, Ultimaker, Artillery, Flashforge, Creatbot, Makergear, Bukobot, Type A Machines and many others.

AzureFilm PLA filaments are available in different colors and options; from basic colors like black and white to glow-in-the-dark properties or those combined with real wood or glitter.

✅ Easy to print

✅ Lots of colors and styles

✅ Biodegradable

✅ Affordable price

❌ Fragile

❌ It has no mechanical properties

Strength : Medium | Flexibility : Low | Durability : Medium | Difficulty of use : Low

Shrinkage/warping : Minimal | Solution : No

Food Safe : Even though our PLA is eco-friendly and our pellets are made of food-safe materials, we suggest using PETG for this type of project.

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