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PLA 1kg - Printologist

PLA 1kg - Printologist

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PLA Printologist is the multipurpose material par excellence, suitable for frequent use.

Its popularity in the world of 3D printing is due to:

  • easy to print
  • flamboyant colouring
  • non-toxic without unpleasant odors
  • biodegradable
  • excellent diameter tolerance +/- 0.03
  • compatible with all FDM printers
  • optimal wrapping and vacuum

Whether you're a novice or an experienced printer, you'll find this material irresistible.

  • Print settings

    Nozzle temperature 190 - 220°
    Bed temperature 0 - 60°
    Fan percentage

    0% first layer

    100% remaining

    Print speed

    30 - 40mms perimeters

    60 - 80mms infill

    Retraction Average
    Flat adhesive Lacquer
  • Press tips

    1. Set the extruder fan to 100% to improve surface quality, reduce it to 40-50% for more cohesive layers and higher resistance.
    2. Keep the printing speed of the perimeters moderate for maximum aesthetic results, you can push the filling speed as long as the extrusion temperature is medium/high.
    3. The hot bed is not necessary but it is preferable, a good compromise is to print the first layers with the fan off and the bed at 50 degrees, after which you can turn on the fan and turn off the bed.