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The DELTA Pro portable home battery it is equipped with a capacity of 3.6 kWh expandable up to 25 kWh. It can be integrated directly with home circuits via the Smart Home panel. Ideal for providing reserve energy to the home network.

Powers Virtually Any Device: When it comes to AC output, DELTA Pro leads the industry. With 3600W you can power appliances that require a lot of power, such as clothes dryers, AC units and more. Do you need even more power? Pair two units together to reach an incredible 7200W of power via the Smart Home panel.

An expandable ecosystem DELTA Pro is much more than a portable power station: It is expandable with additional batteries, Smart Generator devices and even with the Smart Home panel. Control everything via the DELTA Pro remote or your phone with the EcoFlow app

The world's fastest charging portable power station: DELTA Pro can be recharged using one of 6 available methods. It is the first that can be charged at an electric vehicle station and allows multiple charging by combining 6500W fast charging methods. An industry standard.

Introducing the world's first portable home battery that offers an expandable ecosystem for home grid backup power, smart energy management, lower utility bills and more. EcoFlow DELTA Pro represents the next step forward in portable power technology, offering security and energy independence, wherever you are.

Expandable capacity

Powers virtually any device (3600W-7200W output)

The world's fastest charging (6500W multi-charging)

Home network integration

Power for any situation.

For situations ranging from powering outdoor events to extreme power outages that last for days, DELTA Pro offers up to 25 kWh of capacity. This way, you won't have to fear anything. An industry reference standard.

All the AC power you need.

A single DELTA Pro unit features 3600W AC output, expandable up to 4500W with X-Boost technology. Powers 99.99% of power-hungry devices, at home, outdoors or at work. You can also pair two units to get 7200W with the Smart Home panel.

The fastest charging portable power station in the world.

Multi-charging delivers record-breaking speeds at 6500W. To reach 6500W, you can choose one of these charging methods.

Full charge in 1.9 hours.

EcoFlow's X-Stream charging technology is not only fast, but also safe. The battery management system ensures safety and durability while fully charging DELTA Pro from a standard AC wall outlet in 1.9 hours*.

Charge at thousands of electric vehicle stations around the world.

For the first time ever, with a portable power station you can charge at thousands of electric vehicle stations around the world. This unique charging method allows for fast charging of up to 3400W on the go.

Renewable energy with 1600W solar charging.

EcoFlow's solar product series offers a cost-effective renewable energy source that provides power. You can use solar energy to charge your DELTA Pro unit in just 2.8-5.6 hours. The DELTA Pro unit has a wide voltage range from 11 to 150V, making it compatible with 90% of third-party solar panels with solar connectors. And when the weather becomes unpredictable, the intelligent MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) algorithm automatically adjusts, optimizing solar energy production throughout the day.

Backup energy in case of emergency with EcoFlow Smart Generator.

EcoFlow Smart Generator works as an emergency option that integrates with your DELTA Pro ecosystem. Smart Generator automatically starts when DELTA Pro reaches a low charge level, recharges the DELTA Pro unit and, when it reaches full charge, stops automatically. Compared to a traditional gas generator, EcoFlow Smart Generator guarantees less energy losses, faster charging and superior efficiency.

A battery that lasts for years.

The DELTA Pro unit features a brand new LFP battery with 6500 cycles, meaning you can use the DELTA Pro for years and years before the unit reaches 50% of its original capacity. EcoFlow's battery management system allows real-time analysis and regulation of voltage, current and temperature. This unique protection mechanism makes the DELTA Pro unit an incredibly safe and efficient home battery.

Different ways to control and monitor.

Control DELTA Pro on the unit itself, via the remote control accessory, or by customizing many settings via the EcoFlow app. In the app you can access power settings, such as charge and discharge levels, AC charge speeds, Smart Generator control and much more.

The world's first portable battery ecosystem for home use.

DELTA Pro's expandable ecosystem provides power during blackouts, the ability to customize your energy delivery throughout the day, and reduce your bills. How do you achieve all this? By selecting items such as additional batteries, Smart Generator, solar trackers, wind turbines, Smart Home panel and much more. From offering backup power to reducing grid dependency with eco-friendly alternatives, the DELTA Pro ecosystem can be customized to your needs.

Introduction to the Smart Home EcoFlow panel.

EcoFlow's new Smart Home Panel is the heart of the DELTA Pro home battery ecosystem. It integrates up to two DELTA Pro units with 10 home circuits. Each DELTA Pro unit can be connected to additional batteries, solar panels or Smart Generators, allowing you to have uninterrupted power during blackouts, intelligent energy management for critical loads and lower energy bills.

Continuous reserve energy for the home network.

With a fast 20 ms switching time, the DELTA Pro unit and Smart Home panel ensure uninterrupted power during a blackout. The EcoFlow app allows you to choose and change the priorities of your devices.

Intelligent energy management.

The EcoFlow DELTA Pro ecosystem stores energy day and night, reducing grid dependency and lowering energy bills by combating time-of-use charges. It integrates directly into your home using EcoFlow's Smart Home panel. The EcoFlow app performs an intelligent analysis of your energy habits that you can use to customize your energy consumption in all types of situations.

Camper life made easy.

With DELTA Pro, you can take your home with you, wherever you go. The unit is equipped with wheels and an extendable handle (like a suitcase) which facilitates transport. And if you're looking for a complete power solution for your RV trips and outdoor adventures, the DELTA Pro unit features a 30-amp Anderson port and AC outlets.

Food that means business.

The DELTA Pro unit not only provides backup power for your off-grid home, but is also a secure power source for any type of professional business. Whether you're working at home or outdoors, doing DIY or professional projects, the DELTA Pro helps you get the job done.

Package contents

1.DELTA Pro 2.AC charging cable 3.Car charging cable 4.DC5521 to DC5525 cable 5.Grip cover 6.User manual

* EcoFlow DELTA Pro to Smart Generator Adapter (sold separately) is required when DELTA Pro is connected to Smart Generator.

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