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DJI Battery Station Inspire 2

DJI Battery Station Inspire 2

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- Plenty of space to store up to 12 TB50 Intelligent Batteries, two CrystalSky / Cendence batteries and a CrystalSky / Cendence multiple charger.
- Charges up to 8 batteries simultaneously. Thanks to the multiple ports, you can also charge the Inspire 2 remote controller, the Intelligent Battery CrystalSky / Cendence and a mobile device.
- When you charge an Intelligent Battery TB50, the Battery Station's LCD screen will show the current firmware version.
- Fast, simple and smart download that improves the battery conservation status.
- A built-in cooling fan ensures that each battery stays within a safe range. The Battery Station automatically cancels charging and discharging to avoid any safety risk when overheating is detected.
- Wheels and telescopic handle make the Batteriy Station very convenient for travel.

Full charge

With efficient and intelligent management, the DJI Battery Station ensures that film and television shooting equipment is always ready for use. The Battery Station can charge up to eight TB50 smart batteries simultaneously. Additionally, it can charge other devices including the Inspire 2 remote controller and CrystalSky / Cendence smart battery via multiple charging ports and even mobile devices via USB ports. The DJI Battery Station is equipped to meet the needs of all your devices that require charging.
In addition to the power supply, the Battery Station provides information on the status of the batteries to ensure proper management. When a TB50 smart battery is connected, the current firmware version will be displayed on the station's LCD screen. When connected to a computer via USB cable, the Battery Station can update up to eight batteries to the latest firmware version via DJI Assistant 2 on the computer.
The DJI Battery Station is integrated inside a carrying case that offers maximum storage space. It holds up to 12 TB50 Smart Batteries, two CrystalSky / Cendence Smart Batteries, and a CrystalSky / Cendence Battery Charging Hub. Equipped with wheels and a telescopic handle for travel, the Battery Station ensures cinema services throughout the day.

Multiple charging modes

On a movie set, every second counts. To meet every need, the DJI Battery Station uses three charging modes: Normal, Fast and Quiet to provide the best power management for any scenario.
In normal mode, eight connected TB50 smart batteries can be charged simultaneously, until all batteries are fully charged.
In fast mode, the four TB50 smart batteries with the highest battery level, in the same group, will be charged to 90% in just 35 minutes, making it a useful option for urgent use.
In silent mode, the charge rate is reduced to provide a quieter process for charges during the evening hours or when no noise is allowed on set.

Quick and easy download
The DJI Battery Station is also equipped with features to maintain battery quality. The discharge mode will bring the batteries to 25% for transport and 50% for storage. This smart, easy-to-use drain feature improves battery maintenance by extending its life.

Sophisticated design for safety and reliability
Safety is a top priority when handling batteries, which is why the DJI Battery Station has been designed with painstaking measures to ensure reliable charging and storage of all batteries.
A built-in cooling fan dissipates heat while charging. The overheating detection system monitors the battery temperature in real time to ensure that each battery stays within a safe range. If overheating is detected, the Battery Station will automatically cancel charging and discharging to avoid safety risks.
The DJI Battery Station is constructed of a plastic material that complies with US UL94 V-0 flammability standards, reducing the risks that can arise in extreme environments. From design to materials, every aspect is safe and reliable.

In the Box

Battery Station × 1
Power Cord × 1
Remote Control Charging Cable × 2


Inspire 2 TB50 Intelligent Battery
CrystalSky / Cendence Intelligent Battery
CrystalSky / Cendence Battery Charging Hub
Inspire 2 Remote Controller
Ronin 2 Remote Controller
Matrice 200 Remote Controller
Mobile Device

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