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Creality CR-Scan Lizard Premium

Creality CR-Scan Lizard Premium

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Very high precision, impressive experience. CR-Scan can scan small parts and prototypes with deep, hard-to-reach details. Designed with binocular lenses, CR-Scan is characterized by its professional-level accuracy up to 0.05 mm. Its 3D spot distance ranges from 0.1mm to 0.2mm and the minimum scan size is 15mm.

CR-Scan is a real time saver. The intelligent algorithm makes 3D scanning as easy as shooting a video. No need to attach makers anymore, even for large parts like the engine hood, car door, front or rear bumpers and so on. CR-Scan Lizard can acutely and comprehensively capture the minute details of the object with the perfectly constructed 3D model, successfully realizing markerless scanning.

Say goodbye to the complexity of scanning data processing in different software. CR Studios developed with full 3D automation algorithm integration allows model optimization in one click! It supports multipositional auto alignment, auto noise removal, auto model simplified topology, auto hole filling, and auto texture mapping, impressing users with its ease of use.

Additionally, CR Studio supports OTA online updates for free. Creality will regularly monitor the software and promptly resolve anomalies.

“Black” or “bright” is no longer a challenge. CR-Scan can scan black objects and maintains excellent performance even in bright sunlight. This breakthrough is based on a high-precision binocular camera system with a self-developed multispectral optical system, which greatly improves light adaptability, enabling the scanner to have multiple scanning lenses. Even outdoor scanning becomes an easy job!

CR-Scan can scan objects from 15mm to 1500mm with three scanning modes: turntable scan, in-hand scan and in-hand scan with turntable.

The turntable mode can automatically scan objects from 15mm to 300mm, such as toy prototypes.

Combined mode is perfect for scanning objects from 300mm to 500mm, such as shoes, vases and sculptures, adding handheld flexibility to smart turntable scanning.

Furthermore, the handheld mode, which is suitable for scanning objects from 500 mm to 1500 mm, such as hoods and furniture, offers users sufficient freedom and creative possibilities.

Connect CR Studio with Creality Cloud and the 3D model can be uploaded to the cloud database having slicing and printing completed with just one click, which is quite convenient.

To meet the needs of VR, AR, 3D rendering, gaming and color 3D printing that may be realized in the future, CR-Scan can be matched with color kit and supports shooting colorful textures with mobile phones or DSLR cameras. After that, it will automatically map colors to models with one click via automation software to complete color restoration. The file will be exported in OBJ format. This function offers vivid 3D models and broadens the application of CR-Scan in various scenarios.

In addition to direct plug and USB charging, CR-Scan Lizard is compatible with a portable charger (purchased separately), allowing users to take it outdoors and capture wonders anywhere, even in areas without electricity sources. This feature realizes true portability, improves scanning flexibility and offers more possibilities to users.

CR-Scan Lizard used aviation aluminum profiles when designing the connector, greatly improving the durability and stability of the connector and ensuring the good performance of the machine.

The innovation of the light projection module has significantly reduced the price threshold for CR-Scan Lizard, making affordability possible. Say goodbye to the thought of "expensive", buy a 3D scanner at a consumer-level price, then enjoy scanning with professional-level precision!

CR-Scan is compatible with both Windows 10 64-bit and MacOS, providing free support for more than ten easy-to-use design software, such as Blender, Maya, Rhino, 3D Max, Fusion 360, and so on.

Its ultra-high precision ensures quality and markerless scanning and the easy-to-use CR Studio radically change the way you scan and significantly increase efficiency. Regardless of whether the object is colored or black, whether you scan indoors or outdoors, CR-Scan can acutely capture the most delicate details and vividly bring imagination into reality.

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Customer Reviews

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Mario Gatti
Ottimo rapporo qualità-prezzo

Ottima qualità di scansione,anche se l'uso è abbastanza intuitivo sarebbe molto utile il manuale in italiano,velocizzerebbe la procedura di apprendimento iniziale.