Snapmaker Warranty and Repair Policy

1. Refund Policy

Order processed: after receiving the order

Please do not open a chargeback request, otherwise the bank will charge you a handling fee. This will also prolong the refund process.

We hope you like what you ordered! But just in case you're not 100% satisfied, we've made the returns process super easy.

We will be happy to accept your return service request in any of the following circumstances:

  • Within 14 calendar days of receiving a product that our technical support team confirms to have critical faults, manufacturing defects or any functionality issues.
  • Within 14 calendar days of receiving a product which has suffered substantial damage in transit, provided that proof of damage issued by the courier can be provided to us, damage must be reported to the courier during delivery or we recommend signing with control reserve.
  • Within 14 calendar days of receiving an unopened, unactivated product still in its new condition.
Restocking fee will be charged in the three cases, which generally costs 10% of the retail price. If you return a product based on a reported problem, the product will be inspected before your refund is processed. and the rest will be refunded after product inspection.
If, after Snapmaker has conducted all appropriate testing, it is confirmed that the returned product does not have the reported problem, 3Digital will charge shipping costs for each returned item. Shipping costs will be deducted from the total refund amount.
The shipped goods must be returned to our designated warehouses/locations before proceeding with the refund.
In the event that a customer requests a return, it is important to note that any damage caused during the transportation process due to inadequate packaging will be the customer's responsibility. We strongly recommend customers to keep the original packing box and packing materials whenever possible. This will help ensure the safety and security of the product during transportation.
We will deduct related costs for any missing parts, such as accessories, cables or filaments, from your total refund amount. In the event that a package is damaged during the return process due to improper packaging by the user, the damaged part must be compensated by the user based on the actual value of the goods.
You should bear all shipping and restocking charges caused if you request to return a non-defective item within 14 calendar days of receiving the product.

Unfortunately, 3Digital and Snapmaker will not provide returns service in any of the following circumstances:
  • The return request is more than 14 calendar days after receiving the product.
  • The product you receive does not include accessories, cables, filaments, manuals, or any items that are not new or in like-new condition, such as cracks, dents, or scratches.
  • Snapmaker identifies, through evaluations and testing, that the defect(s) or malfunction(s) are caused by user error, such as dropping, incorrect voltage supply, water damage, etc. Therefore, if you request the return of a non-defective product, the shipping cost is your responsibility.
  • The product is found to be free from defects after Snapmaker has conducted all appropriate testing.
  • The purchase receipt, invoice or other relevant documents are not provided or are reasonably believed to have been forged or tampered with.
  • It is not possible to provide proof of damage during transport issued by the courier.

2. Warranty Policy

  • Snapmaker grants a limited warranty on the core modules of Snapmaker 3D printers (“Product”) purchased from Snapmaker or a Snapmaker authorized distributor under the terms and conditions set forth below.
  • The warranty starts from the date of purchase, as evidenced by the customer's original invoice/purchase receipt. Only the original purchaser has the right to claim a warranty.
Note: Parts replaced under warranty also fall within the duration of the original warranty and are not renewed.
Warranty period
Laser engraver and cutter
Ray Snapmaker
  • 20W laser module
  • 40W laser module
  • Machine body
  • Attached
Consumable parts excluded:
  • Laser lens protection
  • Laser safety glasses
  • Laser protection screen
  • Toolbox
  • Air hoses and air hose connectors
  • Laser engraving and cutting platform
  • 2 year warranty for customers from EU countries
  • 1 year warranty for customers from non-EU countries
  • Integrated controller
  • Dual extrusion 3D printing module (excluding Hot End)
  • 10W laser module (excluding laser protection lenses)
  • 200W CNC Module
  • Linear module
  • Quick-change tool heads and work platforms (excluding PEI glass plate and CNC carving and cutting platform)
  • Snapmaker Artisan case
  • 2 year warranty for customers from EU countries
  • 1 year warranty for customers from non-EU countries
Consumable parts excluded:
  • Left and right hotend
  • Double-sided PEI glass sheet
  • Cabinet doors and panels
  • Top panel
  • Filament guide tubes
  • Filament holders
  • Nozzle cleaner
  • Cleaning swab
  • Rubber cap
  • Toolbox
  • All accessories and tools in the toolbox
SnapMaker 2.0
  • A150/A250/A350
  • A250T/A350T
  • F250/F350
  • A250/A350 package
  • A250T/A350T package
  • Ticket inspector
  • Heated bed (excluding printing sheet)
  • Single Extrusion 3D Printing Module (Excluding Hot End)
  • 1600 mW laser module (excluding F250/F350)
  • 50W CNC module (excluding F250/F350)
  • Linear module
  • Touch screen
  • Power module
  • Converter
  • Case for Snapmaker 2.0
Original Snapmaker
  • Ticket inspector
  • Heated bed
  • Print Module (Hot End excluded)
  • Laser module
  • CNC module
  • Linear module
  • Touch screen
  • Power adapter
Additional components
For SnapMaker 2.0
  • Case for Snapmaker 2.0
  • Snapmaker 2.0 rotary module
  • Emergency stop button
  • Air purifier (excluding filter cartridge)
  • CAN Hub
  • 10W laser module (excluding laser protection lenses)
  • Quick exchange kit
  • 2 year warranty for customers from EU countries
  • 1 year warranty for customers from non-EU countries
For Snapmaker 2.0/Artisan
  • 20W laser module
  • 40W laser module
Consumable parts excluded:
  • Laser lens protection
  • Laser safety glasses
  • Laser protection screen
  • Toolbox
  • Air hoses and air hose connectors
For J1/J1
  • Snapmaker J1 Print Cooling Fan Upgrade Kit
For original Snapmaker
  • Original Snapmaker case
  • Z-axis extension module for Snapmaker Original
  • 1600mW laser module for Snapmaker Original

How to obtain warranty service

Any claims under this warranty must be made to Snapmaker or the Snapmaker Distributors from whom the product was originally purchased, even if they are not located in the customer's current country of residence. Follow the steps below to request a warranty:
  1. Please submit your warranty request and official purchase invoice via the "Request a Support Request" button below for troubleshooting.
  1. The complaint will be confirmed within 5 working days.
  2. If the complaint is justified, Snapmaker will remedy the defects free of charge under this warranty. If the defect cannot be repaired, Snapmaker will, within the warranty period, replace the Warranted Part free of charge with an identical part or, if the Warranted Part is no longer manufactured, with a similar replacement of the same value or offer an adequate part reimbursement.
***Warranty does not include shipping costs and taxes incurred in returning defective Warranty Parts for inspection and/or repair, nor shipping costs and taxes for returning Warranty Parts to the claimant replacement or repaired.***

3. Repair Policy

This warranty does not apply and therefore does not cover

  1. Any other party except Warranted Parties;
  2. Any defects or damage caused by failure to follow the instructions in the Quick Start Guides and online manuals, including but not limited to inappropriate, incorrect or improper use, installation, maintenance, operation and cleaning;
  3. Any defect or damage caused by an accident, including but not limited to natural disasters such as fire hazards and human causes such as falling, collision and immersion in water;
  4. Any defect or damage caused by the use of third-party materials, accessories or software, etc.;
  5. Normal wear.

The following actions will void this warranty

  1. Any modifications made to any hardware or firmware of the Product;
  2. Abuse, misuse or improper storage of the Product;
  3. Use the Product for illegal purposes;
  4. Support provided by distributors other than Snapmaker or an authorized Snapmaker distributor;
  5. Use unsupported, unapproved, or inappropriate filaments or materials with the Product;
  6. Disassemble or repair without authorization from Snapmaker or the Distributor.

4. Contact us

For product-related issues, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions page on the Snapmaker support website.
If you still can't find a solution, fill out the following form based on your needs. Our technical support team will process your request within 5 business days of receiving the form.
When contacting our customer service team, the buyer must provide sufficient proof of purchase, tell us which product you purchased and describe the problem as clearly as possible through text, images or short videos. This will help our team process your requests and help you resolve issues more efficiently.
Do you need 3Digital support? No problem! You can open a ticket directly with us by sending us an email to . Please note that by opening a ticket directly with us we would still have to interface directly with Snapmaker, so response times may extend by a few days due to the exchange of communications and the time zone with China.