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DJI Mini 3 is the best drone for beginners of 2024

Looking to get into the drone hobby with an affordable entry-level gadget? If you've already done some research, you'll know that the Mini 2 SE is DJI's cheapest entry-level drone today. But it's 2024. The Mini 2 SE draws much of its technology from the Mini 2, which first came out in 2020. The most reasonable beginner drone you can buy today is the DJI Mini 3 . And the best part? The Mini 3 is currently on sale starting from €469.00, a significant reduction compared to other drones in the Consumer series.

The Mini 3 is an affordable, travel-friendly aircraft, featuring the same 1/1.3-inch CMOS sensor and f/1.7 aperture as the more expensive Mini 3 Pro. The drone's default photography mode, which weighs less weighing 250 grams, it produces 12 MP images, but DJI's 4-in-1 pixel technology helps it also take 48 MP photos. You can also record HDR video at 4K/30fps with true colors, both day and night. And with True Vertical Shooting mode, the camera can rotate 90 degrees to capture content perfect for TikTok and Instagram.

All of these are substantial advances over the Mini 2 SE, whose video quality is limited to 2.7K/30fps. So, if your 2024 bucket list contains aerial adventures and you don't want to spend a fortune on an advanced model, take advantage of the $90 discount available today on all variants of the Mini 3:

Mini 3 with RC-N1 (remote controller without screen), previously priced at $559, is now available for $469.
The Mini 3 with DJI RC (remote controller with screen) has been marked down to $609 from the typical $699.
The drone-only variant, without remote controller, can now be purchased for $379 instead of $469.
Purchasing the aircraft alone is the cheapest upgrade option for those who already own an RC-N1 controller. The DJI Mini 3 uses the O2 digital video transmission system to provide a 720p/30fps live feed up to 10km away. However, the drone manufacturer ensures a more reliable connection during flight, thanks to better anti-interference technology. Wind resistance, however, is limited to 10.7 m/s, enough to allow the drone to hover stably in position and provide stable images in various conditions.

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