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Drones pose a significant threat to yachts and their occupants from a privacy and personal safety perspective.
Fortunately there is a way to counter this type of attack thanks to the tracking system DJI Aeroscope .

This solution is already active to protect many yachts and VIP residences. It can be customized for any type of requirement and installation.
Real-time alerts can be configured for DJI drones with detection up to a distance of 20 km.

But what is the most effective method to build a virtual security shield around a ship? You will find out by continuing to read this article!


Superyachts: why they need drone defense

Drone defense has become imperative for a variety of reasons.

Violation of privacy

Sumptuous and luxurious, superyachts are a major attraction for the rich and famous. In turn, these floating palaces offer a great opportunity for paparazzi always looking for a private photo of the VIP.
With Aeroscope you will be able to intercept a DJI drone up to 20km away and prevent any type of privacy violation. Even drones equipped with a 200x zoom would not have the ability to take photos or videos.

Such invasion of privacy is perhaps the most significant reason to implement drone defense aboard a yacht, protecting the integrity of VIP passengers.


The paparazzi aren't the only problem. Drones can also be used for reconnaissance missions by pirates planning the kidnapping of a high-profile individual or preparing a robbery of the vessel or the goods inside (watches, precious objects, etc.)

Even while navigating at any speed the system DJI Aeroscope it can be used to perform real-time tracking and search of DJI drones up to 20km away.

The DJI Aeroscope system, through the use of the SDK, can also be integrated into the maritime navigation radar.
If there is an internet or satellite connection, the system can send alerts in real time to an operations center which can monitor everything remotely.


Thwart a drone attack on a superyacht

Installing drone defense on board a yacht, both during construction and afterwards is very simple.
The system DJI Aeroscope it consists of antennas with IP protection that can be installed outside and a personal computer (server) that can be installed inside.
The antennas are connected to the notebook exclusively with a network cable and powered by a simple power supply. Wiring is very simple and non-invasive.


A drone defense system provides real-time data acquisition to enable early identification of an approaching drone providing time to measure threat levels and take appropriate action.

In countries where it is permitted, the crew can use special "guns" called Jammers that can capture or repel the drone simply by aiming it already at a distance of 1000 meters.

How DJI Aeroscope works

DJI Aeroscope identifies all DJI drones that represent 93% of the world market.

These are the main features:

  1. Detection : alert with mail, push or sound notification when the drone violates a predefined geographical area or enters the monitored airspace. Multiple alert rules can be configured.
  2. Classification : Identify the drone model, location, height, distance and speed.
  3. Tracking - Track the route and get the GPS locations of the drone and the pilot.
  4. Reports : make daily, weekly or monthly reports on threats received and methods of approach. Save all the serials of the drones that have approached to understand if they are always the same subject or different pilots.
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Our experience and installation costs

DJI Aeroscope , compared to similar systems, has a cost of 1/10 because it is produced on a large scale. The antennas are completely passive and therefore do not need any authorization to be installed.

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