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DJI Transmission Combo

DJI Transmission Combo

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DJI Transmission Combo


Vision beyond all limits

DJI Transmission evolves from DJI's established aerial video transmission technology, offering an integrated solution that combines a video receiver, monitor, controller and recorder. It is designed to be integrated with Ronin and DJI Master Wheels series products, transforming the industry through a revolutionary broadcasting experience that offers vision beyond all limits.

A new era

Video transmission performance


Long distance HD live feed

DJI Transmission incorporates O3 Pro video transmission technology, which offers an incredible 6km ground transmission distance. [1] . It also supports 1080p / 60fps transmission with a maximum bit rate of 50Mb / s and live audio monitoring at 16-bit at 48kHz, providing crews on large sets with an excellent remote visual and audio monitoring experience.

Ultra low extreme to extreme latency

The video transmitter and receiver use the same chip as the Ronin 4D, with each link explicitly optimized to provide extremely low extreme-to-extreme transmission latency when pairing with cinema cameras such as ALEXA Mini LF.

Automatic frequency hopping without interruption

In addition to the traditional 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz frequency bands, O3 Pro adds DFS bands that offer options up to 23 channels, providing professional crews with more compliant and interference-free broadcast channels. In addition, DJI Transmission supports automatic triple-band frequency hopping, which automatically scans the electromagnetic environment for a better wireless channel.

With a built-in frequency sweeper, users can even manually select the optimal channel to avoid interference between devices.

By mounting high gain antennas, [2] the transmission capacity is further enhanced.

One transmitter with multiple receivers

The High Brightness Remote Monitor supports one transmitter with multiple receivers for video and audio feeds in two transmission modes. In Control Mode, DJI Transmission offers optimal transmission performance. Monitoring can be performed by two receivers simultaneously, while the Ronin 2, RS 3 Pro and the camera focus can all be controlled remotely.

Encrypted transmission

DJI Transmission supports secure association and AES 256-bit encryption to protect against unauthorized access to your information. Together with DJI's self-developed chip and transmission protocol, DJI Transmission is able to ensure the highest level of security for your footage.

Improve your vision

Tracking experience


Integrated design

Compared to conventional solutions, DJI Transmission integrates a high brightness monitor with an integrated receiver, offering optimal portability and efficient setup to help you get started quickly in any environment.

The remote monitor has a built-in image processing chip which is the same one used on the Ronin 4D. This allows you to offer many features in addition to monitoring for integrated and efficient reception, monitoring, control and recording.

Wide spectrum touchscreen

The High Brightness Remote Monitor features a 7 inch wide spectrum touchscreen with up to 1,500 nit brightness. It comes standard with a tempered glass screen protector and a professional monitor hood to deliver rich, lifelike colors, even in bright light conditions. With a resolution of 1920 × 1200, the screen offers a non-intrusive interface (OSD), with visible details such as shooting parameters to ensure easily accessible information and uninterrupted monitoring.

Compatible with the DJI ecosystem

Intuitive control options

Integrated motion controller

The High Brightness Remote Monitor has a built-in gyro sensor that allows it to act as a standalone motion controller for the Ronin 2 or RS 3 Pro, without the need for additional accessories. This allows users to achieve more complex camera movements from a moving vehicle or with a jib.

Ports and power supply


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