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DJI Ronin 4D-8K

DJI Ronin 4D-8K

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The DJI 4-axis cinema imaging system

The DJI Ronin 4D is a powerful solution for professional filmmakers and is the industry's first 4-dimensional cinema camera system, with active Z-axis stabilization to eliminate vertical camera shake.

Capture cinema-quality content with a compact combination of:

  • Zenmuse X9 full frame gimbal camera, with 8K or 6K capacity;
  • 4-axis stabilization system;
  • LiDAR focusing system;
  • Unrivaled video transmission and control system.

DJI Ronin 4D makes film production more accessible, cinema cameras more flexible, and cinema imaging available for a wide range of filmmakers.

It is available in 8K and 6K combos.



Designed for filmmakers and high-end content creation

  • CineCore 3.0 offers an internal 8K RAW codec with accurate color reproduction.
  • Zenmuse X9-6K supports up to 6K / 60fps and 4K / 120fps. Zenmuse X9-8K supports up to 8K / 75fps.
  • X9 8K and 6K benefit from the H.264 codec, Apple ProRes and ProRes RAW.
  • 4-Axis Stabilization System: Industry-leading active Z-axis to effectively eliminate vertical camera shake.
  • ActiveTrack Pro for advanced and complex tracking.
  • LiDAR Range Finder offers a sharper, faster and more reliable focusing experience.
  • The 4D video transmitter transmits a 1080p / 60fps feed to remote monitors with a transmission range of up to nearly 6km.
  • The high-brightness remote monitor integrates a wireless video receiver into a 7-inch 1,500 nit monitor.
  • Lighter, smaller and more compact than other content creation solutions.



DJI's most powerful film imaging platform for professionals.

Powerful cinema imaging system

The Ronin 4D is DJI's most powerful film imaging platform to date.

  • Intelligent Image Processing System: CineCore 3.0 offers an internal 8K RAW codec with precise color reproduction and low latency image processing.
  • Zenmuse X9 full frame gimbal camera - 8K and 6K versions.
  • Zenmuse X9-6K supports up to 6K / 60fps and 4K / 120fps; Zenmuse X9-8K supports up to 8K / 75fps.
  • H.264 codec and internal Apple ProRes and ProRes RAW recording, for greater latitude for post editing.
  • Capture rich-color scenes with 800 / 5,000 dual-native EI and more than 14 stops of dynamic range.
  • DJI Ronin 4D's proprietary DJI Cinema Color System delivers a natural skin tone, even in complicated lighting conditions.
  • Built-in nine-stop physical ND filters for easy adjustment in dramatically changing lighting conditions.
  • The X9 features an interchangeable lens mount design that allows connection to DJI's proprietary DL mount, Leica M mount, and other mounts with short flange focal lengths.
4-axis stabilization system


The DJI Ronin 4D has an industry-first innovative active Z-axis to effectively eliminate vertical camera shake.

DJI Ronin 4D easily captures even wide flowing footage, without the need for a trolley.

LiDAR focusing system

Get a sharper, faster and more reliable focusing experience with the newly developed LiDAR rangefinder.

DJI Ronin 4D offers three focus modes to meet the needs of every creator:

  • Manual Focus : DJI Ronin 4D provides LiDAR Waveform, an assistive tool that allows filmmakers to locate focus points and focus with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Autofocus : Maintains sharp focus on the subject in more dynamic and unpredictable situations such as making documentaries.
  • Automated Manual Focus (AMF) : DJI's unique AMF mode combines the best of both modes to automatically rotate the focus wheel following the focus point, allowing the operator to manually intervene at any time for a intuitive experience.
Storage, audio recording and battery life

DJI Ronin 4D offers three storage methods:

  • USB SSD : Provides 4K projects with an affordable solution.
  • CFexpress Type B Card : Offers compatibility and stability.
  • PROSSD 1TB DJI's proprietary : Offers the best performance and maximum stability for internal recording at maximum resolution and frame rate.

Package Contents

DJI Ronin 4D 8k Combo - Zenmuse X9-8k:

DJI Ronin 4D x 1
Zenmuse X9-8K Gimbal Camera x 1
LiDAR Range Finder x 1
High-Bright Main Monitor x 1
Hand Grips x 2
Top Handle x 1
TB50 Intelligent Battery x 1
Ronin4D Combo Carrying Case x 1

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