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DJI Inspire 3

DJI Inspire 3

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As the pinnacle of aerial cinematography, DJI Inspire 3 offers unprecedented workflow efficiency, photographic language and creative freedom. This all-in-one 8K camera drone allows professional-level filmmakers to maximize the potential of their footage and master even the unseen.

Master the unknown

As the pinnacle of aerial cinematography, DJI Inspire 3 offers unprecedented workflow efficiency, photographic language and creative freedom. This all-in-one 8K camera drone allows professional-level filmmakers to maximize the potential of their footage and master even the unseen.

The definition of power and performance

Single Control

Integrated sophisticated design

Inspire 3 is a camera drone that adopts an innovative design, specifically designed to reduce air resistance, improving its aerodynamics.

Maximum dive speed is increased from 9 m/s to 10 m/s compared to the Inspire 2, while vertical climb/descent speed is increased from 6 m/s to 4 m/s to 8 m/s. 1

Its powerful maneuverability offers responsive, precise control and extended flight autonomy of up to 28 minutes.

The FPV camera, vision sensors, positioning antennas and memory card slot adopt designs seamlessly integrated into the aircraft frame, offering a minimalist look and modern industrial aesthetics.

Incline boost 360° horizontal rotation Mode of transport

From the exterior design to the internal structure, every detail of the Inspire 3 has been carefully considered and optimized.

High mobility precision flight platform

D-RTK 2 Mobile Station

RTK positioning at centimeter level

Inspire 3 integrates high-precision RTK positioning technology used in industries such as architecture and surveying to provide centimeter-level accuracy. Compared with traditional metric-level positioning supported by global navigation satellite systems (GNSS), RTK makes each flight more stable and flight route planning more accurate, significantly improving creative efficiency.

Dual antenna orientation

Both the front and rear of Inspire 3 feature integrated stacked ceramic antennas with powerful anti-magnetic interference capabilities, to further enhance flight accuracy and safety.

Waypoint Pro

Specially designed for aerial cinematography, the Waypoint Pro feature allows for planning of flight routes and shooting, along with a wide range of custom settings.

Repeatable flight routes

With the Repeatable Routes function, the drone will automatically fly along the same route and maintain all preset parameters such as altitude, speed, gimbal angle and camera settings.

Dollies 3D

Dolly 3D can simulate a crane, cable cam or movie set dolly, pushing the limits of such devices far beyond.

Spotlight Pro

Enhanced over the Inspire 2, Spotlight Pro gives solo creators more shooting options. Powered by powerful machine learning algorithms, Inspire 3 supports automatic subject recognition and tracking of people, vehicles and vessels with greater precision than its predecessor.

Follow mode Free Mode

Omnidirectional detection system

Inspire 3 is equipped with 9 sensors, which enable an efficient omnidirectional sensing system that can detect obstacles in all directions and provide complete protection during flight.

360° horizontal vision sensors Front vision sensors Lower vision sensors Lower ToF sensor

Customizable obstacle detection

Inspire 3 features a new customizable feature to ensure greater flight safety and greater creative freedom.

Ultra wide angle FPV camera for night vision

The Inspire 3 features a new 1/1.8-inch sensor FPV camera with a 3μm pixel size, a 161° ultra-wide-angle DFOV, and the ability to stream live feeds at up to 1080p/60fps.

8K full frame image system

KSP:Full-Frame 8K ProRes RAW_CDNG

Specially designed 8K sensor

DJI's lightest full-frame 3-axis stabilized camera, the X9-8K Air, is built specifically for the Inspire 3, bringing cinematography to a new level.

Dual native ISO

The X9-8K Air supports dual native ISO. In full frame format at 30 fps and below, it offers 800/4000 EI, supporting the 24 fps common in film productions and the 25 fps used in commercial and television productions. Above 30 fps, 320/1600 EI is available.

14 stops of dynamic range

The X9-8K Air covers more than 14 stops of dynamic range to capture rich light and shadow detail in complex lighting scenarios like sunrises and sunsets. The high dynamic range offers greater possibilities during post processing, maintaining true colors even after significant exposure adjustments.

Grayscale EI (30 fps and below) Grayscale EI (above 30 fps)

Objectives of the DL Mount

Inheriting DJI's DL Mount, the X9-8K Air is compatible with an additional 18mm full-frame F2.8 ultra-wide-angle lens and a new telephoto lens (to be released at a later date) in addition to the previous DL 24/35/50 mm F2.8 full frame lenses.

DJI Cinema Color System (DCCS)

Building on DJI's mature color science and technology, the DJI Cinema Color System allows the X9-8K Air to preserve authentic colors that redefine the concept of aerial cinematography.

Multi-camera timecode synchronization

Through the 3.5mm port on the aircraft, you can synchronize timecodes between devices in flight and on the ground.

Interconnected ecosystem

O3 Pro video transmission and control system

RC Plus Waist Support (with RC plus)


The Inspire 3 comes with DJI RC Plus, a professional-grade remote controller that features a built-in 7-inch, 1,200 nit high-brightness screen for a stunning viewing experience.

O3 Pro cinema-grade video transmission

Inspire 3 features O3 Pro, DJI's latest cinema-grade video transmission system, enabling a maximum transmission distance of 15km in single control mode and 12 km in dual control mode.

Independent connections for dual control

Compared to its predecessor, the dual-control experience of Inspire 3 has been significantly improved. Two remote controllers can receive live feeds and control the drone independently, allowing the pilot and gimbal operator to be in different locations on set.

Compatible with the DJI PRO ecosystem

Supports DJI High Brightness Remote Monitor

In addition to RC Plus, Inspire 3 also allows the use of the DJI High Brightness Remote Monitor as a second remote controller.

Supports 3-channel DJI Follow Focus

As an integral part of the DJI PRO ecosystem, the new 3-Channel DJI Follow Focus can transmit control signals to the Inspire 3 via the O3 Pro transmission system (this requires a High-Brightness Remote Monitor to act as an intermediate device).

Support DJI Master Wheels

When a DJI High Brightness Remote Monitor is paired as a second controller (as an intermediary of the PRO ecosystem), the Inspire 3's stabilizer can be controlled using DJI Master Wheels.

Supports DJI Transmission

With DJI Transmission, Inspire 3 supports extended on-set monitoring. By connecting RC Plus to a DJI Video Transmitter with Broadcast mode enabled, Live feeds can be transmitted to an unlimited number of remote monitors, further improving coordination efficiency.

Filming all day

Efficient operations in every scenario

Dual-Battery System (hot swapping)

Dual battery system

Inspire 3 features a new TB51 dual battery system, which uses the latest chemistry for optimized performance and reliability.

New battery charging station

The all-new foldable battery charging station offers an optimal balance between charging efficiency and storage size.

1TB DJI PROSSD included


The included 1TB DJI PROSSD supports a maximum read speed of 900MB/s, and footage can be viewed on computers directly via the included USB-C to USB-C cable, without the need for a card reader.

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