Thermography service with drone

Aerial thermographic inspections with high definition thermal imaging cameras

The drone thermography service combines the advantages of non-invasive thermographic inspections with the ability of drones to observe and inspect areas that are difficult to reach.

Non-invasive diagnostics

The possibility of measuring the temperature of objects without “touching” them and realizing thermal images (or thermograms) to analyze the relative thermal patterns of an object, fa della thermography a very important but non-invasive diagnostic technique. The field of thermal imaging diagnostics has multiple uses and is increasingly applied.

A thermal analysis performed correctly can help prevent any future problems, to monitor the correct functioning of equipment and machinery, check the progress of degradation phenomena, etc.

Main applications of thermography with outdoor image acquisition

  • Verification of thermal coats on walls and roofs of buildings, even of large dimensions
  • Report of any thermal bridges from the outside of buildings / identification of heat loss from fixtures
  • Verification of any problems related to degraded plaster or tiles in the process of detaching from the facades and identification of possible water infiltrations
  • Monitoring and identification of problems on photovoltaic panel cells that compromise the production of electricity