Aerial shots with drone

Aerial images to amaze and tell with style

Shooting from above has always thrilled the viewer. An original and unique point of view, a privilege for a few in the past, but within everyone's reach today.

Since their inception, multirotors were mainly used in the photo and video sector. Advanced technology and increasingly high-performance sensors on board drones have allowed the sector to "take off" in the strictest sense of the term. What previously required the use of traditional aircraft such as airplanes or helicopters can now be done with drones at much more affordable costs.

Videos and photos from above

It is now increasingly common to see TV programs that broadcast images shot with the use of drones . Shots of landscapes, historical monuments, cities and squares that are shot for documentaries, TV series, commercials or information programs .

There are very frequent new documentaries that show us all the majesty of natural or artificial landscapes, old and new buildings, cliffs overlooking the sea, medieval castles and walls, etc. This is how we can take advantage of old and new engineering works to their fullest.

For the same reason, more and more people want to show their accommodation (e.g. farmhouses, bed & breakfasts, wellness centres, parks) with shots from above , to show their potential customers everything their structure offers in one image. For example, a shot from above allows us to appreciate the peace and beauty of a farmhouse surrounded by greenery or, conversely, the convenience of being in the center of a precious historical centre.

Today, where the search for the shot to post on the social page of one's facility is continuous, our drones offer the possibility of enjoying the perspective from above to be integrated into a complete photo shoot.

It offers certified pilots and professional drones for:

Shooting at tourist facilities

Shots and photographs from above of accommodation facilities, perfect for enhancing the landscape and promoting your business

Photos and Videos for Weddings

Shooting for weddings and ceremonies, to offer a different point of view that reminds us of the place of the event and the magic of those moments

Shooting for Cinema

Dynamic and stabilized aerial shots are now a "must have" for any film set

Automotive videos

Commercials in the automotive sector make extensive use of aerial shots to enhance the characteristics of the cars on dream roads

Shooting of naturalistic areas

Aerial shots from drones cannot be missing when describing a landscape for nature parks or hiking areas.

Social content

Shares and Likes always increase in the presence of aerial shots. Emotions always win

Photos and videos of real estate

The real estate sector is constantly looking for aerial shots to enhance villas and homes in prestigious contexts