Surveys with Drone

Survey service using drone photogrammetry

Our drone survey service allows you to acquire point clouds and precise measurements to the centimeter through the acquisition of aerial photos processed with topographic and Structure from motion software.

Advantages of drone surveys

The ability of our drones to quickly map very large and difficult to access areas,
make aerial photogrammetry a very useful and advantageous survey technique in:

Land surveys and measurements

Surveys and measurements of buildings

Calculation of moved materials

Geological instability and landslides

3D reconstruction of buildings

Land survey

Reliable results in a short time

Thanks to the use of drones, we are able to map even large areas, obtaining an accurate survey both in terms of details and measurements.
Thanks to our topographic software we can provide:
cad drawings, georeferenced point clouds and many other outputs.

The aerial photogrammetric survey returns numerous geospatial data as well as a detailed visual output of the surveyed terrain.

Thanks to the 3D mapping of the terrain, it is possible to create the desired sections, classify the elements and extrapolate vector data useful for any design.

Survey of buildings

A single survey, an infinity of data

The drone photogrammetric surveys digitally reproduce the entire building, respecting its real measurements and thus allowing the extraction of any type of data: orthophotos, mesh model, point cloud, photorealistic elevations, sections and much more.

The "Digital Twin" of the building, faithful in measurements and with a high GSD, allows Designers and Architects to obtain a great deal of useful information in the renovation processes and metric calculations.
Forgetting the acquisition of a measurement in the field will no longer be a problem

From the relief to the elaborate, without thoughts!

Thanks to our qualified team and collaboration with professional studios, we are able to return a finished and personalized product to the customer.
From the flight of the drone to the delivery of the finished product, we are able to satisfy all phases of the production process.