Meltium M450

Designed for industry without the need for industrial infrastructure; Economical, reliable, safe and easy to use metal 3D printer. Ideal for small to medium sized part fabrication and multi-metal 3D printing research.
Data sheet
The turnkey metal 3D printer
Meltio's multi-metal DED 3D printer allows users to produce very high-density metal parts in a one-step process with a very compact footprint.
The metal 3D printing process is monitored in real time and compensated if required by process control.

Suitable for any environment thanks to a process built around the wire, a sealed chamber and an integrated 3-stage filter.

Easy to use
The automatic toolpath generation and material printing profiles provided by Meltio ensure a plug and play experience.

The low capital and operating costs of the Meltio M450 make metal 3D printing of conventional parts possible.

Meltio M450 specifications

Dimensions (WxDxH):
560x600x1400 mm

Print envelope (XxYxZ):
145x168x390 mm


Laser power:

Laser Type:
multiple 200W direct diode lasers

Laser wavelength:

Process control:
closed loop, laser and wire modulation

Power Input:
208/230 V single phase or 400 V three phase

Energy consumption:
2-5 kW peak depending on options selected

Wire feed:
up to 2 K300 coils

Power Wire:
Wire diameter 0.8-1.2 mm

Cooling down:
Water-cooled active chiller included


Meltio Horizon

3D printing software tailored for Meltio M450

Easy to use
Only settings related to Meltio's laser wire metal 3D process are available to make the printing process as smooth as possible.

Future proof
Allows us to expand the reach of our service in the future, through the incorporation of simulation or other advanced features.

Tailored for laser wire
Tailored for Meltio's wire laser metal 3D printing process and comes with integrated profiles for Meltio materials.

Upgrades and accessories

Hot wire
Programmable feeder that preheats the material to increase deposition speed.
Double thread
This option allows you to 3D print two wire materials in sequence with very quick wire changes.
Sturdy table with stainless steel and aluminum wheels. Contains drawers for tools and materials.
Laser calibration system
It allows users to calibrate Meltio's multi-laser deposition head accurately and effortlessly before every print.