Oil and gas - DJI ENTERPRISE

How do DJI drones digitize inspections?


Reduced risks

Protect workers from hazardous sites and materials by quickly resolving resource problems


Maximized uptime

Keep operations running while critical inspections are conducted using a variety of cameras and sensors


Reliable information

Get detailed aerial data and quickly spot asset anomalies through automated and repeatable workflows


Production and refinery management

Routine drone-powered inspections and safety monitoring improve efficiency without disrupting operations or compromising personnel safety.

Find out how drones help manage refineries

Pipeline integrity management

Drones help monitor and manage long pipelines spread across different geographic areas, quickly identifying leaks or anomalies

Find out how drones maintain pipeline integrity
oil pipeline

Construction exploration and management

Drones collect data quickly and accurately to conduct exploration site surveys and inform construction projects from design to execution.

Find out how drones improve exploration and construction
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