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rs3 Ready when you are

Through every detail, the DJI RS 3 offers solo creators and independent crews a flexible and efficient shooting experience. Lightweight and stylish, it provides professional stabilization and efficient control, ensuring greater freedom and endless creative possibilities. DJI RS 3 is ready when you are.

It's all about speed


Quick release plates

With dual-layer quick release plates, mounting a camera to the RS 3 is quick and convenient, without the need to rebalance the stabilizer after replacing a new battery or memory card.

Automated axis blocks

RS 3 allows you to be immediately operational. When the stabilizer is off, press and hold the power button and the 3 axes unlock while the stabilizer automatically expands, allowing you to start shooting in seconds. Press the power button once and the axles will automatically lock upon entering sleep mode, making commuting and traveling much more efficient. Press and hold the power button and it will fold and lock automatically.

Wireless shutter control

Implementing Bluetooth Dual-Mode, RS 3 supports wireless shutter control, saving time and effort with each use. After the initial Bluetooth pairing, you can control video recording and photo taking by simply pressing the shutter button on the stabilizer.

Professional stabilization


3rd generation RS stabilization algorithm

Thanks to a new generation RS stabilization algorithm, the RS 3 provides greater stability in any scenario. Lab tests show that the RS 3 provides a 20% increase in stability over the RSC 2, effortlessly handling low-angle shooting, fast motion scenarios, or alternating between high and low positions.

Fluidity beyond all limits

When you need even smoother results, turn on SuperSmooth mode. RS 3 will increase motor torque to further improve stabilization, delivering stable footage even in fast-moving scenarios or when using lenses with a focal length equivalent to 100mm.

Immediate check

Quick parameter setting


1.8 ″ OLED touchscreen

Compared to the black and white screen of the RSC 2, the RS 3 features a 1.8-inch full-color OLED touchscreen with an 80% larger display. It also supports most of the Ronin app settings, providing intuitive and precise control along with a redesigned user interface.

Customizable front wheel

By turning the front wheel you can control the zoom or focus. It can also be customized to control shutter, aperture, ISO, or stabilizer movements, making it exceptionally practical for single-handed operations.

Practicality and power

Monitoring via smartphone

RS 3 supports the Ronin Image Transmitter (formerly known as the Ronin RavenEye Image Transmitter) to broadcast 1080p / 30fps HD live feeds directly to a mobile device. The maximum transmission distance is 200 meters and the extreme-to-extreme transmission latency is only 60ms. It is also possible to connect a smartphone to the NATO port on RS 3 with the smartphone holder for wireless monitoring.

Integrated monitoring and control

Remotely adjust camera exposure directly in the Ronin app, or control the stabilizer with the virtual joystick to get an integrated monitoring and control experience.

Force Mobile

With the Ronin Image Transmitter, you can use a smartphone as a motion controller to remotely control RS 3, favoring more flexible and dynamic camera movements.

A battery built for professionals


Quick release design

The RS 3's new built-in battery grip features a cartridge design, which simplifies battery replacement and is smaller for storage than the RSC 2. It can also be charged independently of the stabilizer.

Autonomy of 12 hours + fast recharge

The new handle with integrated battery offers extended autonomy up to 12 hours, [5] enough to handle continuous shooting throughout the day. It supports 18W PD fast charging with a charging time of only 2.5 hours. It can also be used while charging to keep the RS 3 powered almost indefinitely.



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