Specialty filaments are unique 3D printing materials that can elevate your designs by bringing a touch of their varied features and functionality. Would you like your prints to glow in the dark? Reproduce natural elements? Shine in the sunlight? If you want your 3D prints to stand out with their unique effects, our special filaments are the solution for you! Let's discover them together.

Special AzureFilm filaments

AzureFilm specialty filaments are more than extremely durable and fun to print with. We developed them by improving our own Original PLA filaments with special additional mixes. By doing so, our special filaments can provide extraordinary visual effects, from lighting in the dark to changing color with different light angles.

PLA Wood

First, let's talk about our PLA Wood filaments. These are a perfect combination of polylactic acid (PLA) and biodegradable thermoplastic material, containing real wood fibers or wood-like particles. To be precise, they are made of 40% recycled wood and 60% PLA filaments. As a result, projects printed with this special filament resemble the look, feel and smell of real wood in its different shades.

PLA Wood filaments are perfect for creating artistic and decorative prints and for all those who wish to create projects with a wooden aesthetic. They are widely used to print furniture or sculpture models. As for printing ability, PLA Wood filaments are compatible with most standard 3D printers that support PLA. However, remember that this special filament is abrasive, so you may want to consider using at least a 0.6mm abrasion-resistant nozzle to print what you want as precisely as possible.

Our special PLA Wood filaments

We offer three different variations of PLA Wood filaments :

Wood Pine PLA filament

The Wood Pine PLA filament it's the perfect choice if you want to try a softer shade of brown that resembles wood. Try it and start creating items for your home and any project with a modern aesthetic.

PLA Wood Bamboo filament

Our PLA Wood Bamboo filament it is a slightly darker shade of brown, with a subtle green undertone. It is perfect for printing plant or floral themed objects as it blends perfectly with them.

PLA Wood Cork filament

Finally, ours PLA Wood Cork filament features a darker wood tone, ideal for everything from desktop organizers, to planters, or wall art.


PLA Glitter

We recommend you also take a look at our specials PLA Glitter filaments . These special filaments are infused with glitter particles that give your projects a shimmering effect. This type of special PLA filaments are perfect for those who want to create 3D prints with an elegant and glamorous look. PLA Glitter filaments are normally used to print jewelry, fashion accessories and, of course, decorative items.

One of the main advantages of this special filament is its ability to guarantee uniform results and brilliant effects with great visual impact. Furthermore, PLA Glitter filaments are simple and easy to work with. The only downside is that the glitter particles are slightly abrasive, so we recommend using an abrasion-resistant 0.6mm nozzle.

We offer a wide choice of different shades, from black and white to green, red, blue and even natural PLA Glitter filaments.


PLA Pearl

If glitter effects aren't your thing, you can always try ours PLA Pearl filaments . These filaments are designed to give your 3D prints a pearlescent finish with a slight shimmer effect. So you can still create projects with a refined and luxurious look that exude a unique atmosphere.

PLA Pearl filaments are ideal for making art prints, jewelry and decorative objects. Printing with these special filaments is a perfect opportunity to test your 3D printing skills, because they offer printing without any particular complications. So, choose your favorite color and let the fun begin.


PLA Marble

To replicate the beauty of natural designs you must purchase our special ones PLA Marble filaments . Printing with PLA Marble will make you feel at home thanks to aesthetic curls and color variations. Furthermore, by experimenting with PLA Marble you will definitely get sophisticated, elegant, refined and clean looking high-end models.

These specialty filaments are great for making architectural models, sculptures, vases, home decor or other art prints.


Silk Rainbow Candy

Our Silk Rainbow Candy is a filament that offers a shiny and vibrant rainbow effect. With this special filament you can make your models change color depending on where you look at them. It is the ideal filament for those who want to "exaggerate" and create dynamic and captivating prints. So, what are you waiting for?

Test your imagination and start inventing everything from fashion accessories to fun art and display items with our special Silk Rainbow Candy filament.


PLA Skin

Also, let's not forget our collection of PLA Skin filaments. PLA Skin was made for realistic prints, so we designed these colors to mimic the look and texture of human skin. Any project printed with these special filaments will provide a natural, leather-like finish.

Just like most of our filaments, PLA Skin filaments are also easy to use and beginner-friendly. They are becoming increasingly popular in the world of human figure printing, prosthetics, and other realistic prints that require the look of skin.

Our special PLA Skin filaments

To date, we offer two different PLA Skin filaments :

PLA Skin Milk filament

The PLA Skin Milk filament imitates a warm, natural skin tone, which allows you to make realistic projects. It can be used to produce prototypes or teaching models, figures, aesthetic-looking sculptures and toys, such as dolls.

PLA Skin Cappuccino filament

Our PLA Skin Cappuccino filament features a creamy brown hue that resembles an earthy feel. Like Skin Latte PLA filament, this darker shade is suitable for any project, from prototypes to toys or home decor.


PLA Glow

Last, but not least, here is our special PLA Glow collection. As the name suggests, these special filaments are famous for their ability to glow in the dark, under UV rays or in sunlight. The two main advantages are the long-lasting light effects and the ease of use by beginners. What can be accomplished with them? They are ideal for creating dramatic, spooky, decorative or security-related objects.

Our special PLA Glow filaments

We offer three different ones PLA Glow filaments :

PLA Glow filament UV Light yellow

The special effect of our PLA Glow UV Light Yellow filament is that it glows under any UV light. For this reason it is perfect for making night lights, gaming accessories or even teaching tools, such as solar systems or anatomy models.

PLA Glow filament Glow in the dark White

The PLA filament Glow in the dark White It's ideal for achieving a softer glow-in-the-dark effect, as it charges in sunlight and then emits a faint glow. You can use this filament to print anything from cute glow-in-the-dark stickers to toys or even safety markers to indicate switches, routes or emergency exits.

PLA Glow filament Litho White

The PLA Glow Litho White filament allows you to make magic happen when light illuminates your projects. Can be used to print fun spooky Halloween decorations or spruce up your garden with a set of night garden markers.


Frequent questions

Are there different types of filament?

There are different types of filaments, but most specialty filaments come from PLA (Wood, Glitter, Pearl, Marble, Glow).

What is an abrasive filament?

An abrasive filament usually contains particles or additives that can wear out the printer nozzle more quickly than a standard filament. When using abrasive filaments, it is recommended to use a wider nozzle (0.6 mm).

What is the best filament for making lamps?

You can use PLA Glow filament Litho White to obtain the best luminous effect and PLA Wood filaments to obtain a pleasantly aesthetic luminous support.

Ultimately, our specialty filaments are a great solution for bringing anything you want to life. There are many different types, from those that simulate the natural look of wood to those that add extravagant lighting effects to your 3D prints. Furthermore, by experimenting with special filaments you can also choose to make your projects change color or make them glow in the dark!

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