Palette 3 Pro - Multicolored and Multi-material Printing



Thanks to a simple installation Plug-and-Play , Palette 3 PRO allows you to print multiple colors at once, combine up to 8 flexible and rigid materials, and create intricate, high-quality prints with soluble media.

    • All-aluminum Splice Core Pro: Providing up to 10% faster splicing and cooling, improving overall print time.
    • Multi-material input allows for more complex printing and automated filament management.
    • Palette 3 Pro features an 8-input capacity, giving users maximum flexibility in choosing colors and materials for their prints.
    • Automated filament management allows you to have spare spools on hand to make longer and larger prints without worrying about running out of filament or replacing an empty spool in the middle of printing.
    • Redesigned and updated limit switches that have been tested to last up to 3 million cycles.
    • Additional parts to ensure optimum performance and maintenance
    • Sleek all-black casing for a clean, professional look.
    • Includes many spare parts and a 2 year warranty
    • Palette 3 Pro works with most filament printers. Find out here if your printer is compatible with Palette 3 .

    Multi-material and multi-color combinations

    Multiple colors - Multiple materials - Infinite Potential

    Palette 3 Pro allows you to create more beautiful and realistic prints by giving you the ability to use up to 8 different colors and materials in a single print. Customize your prints as you wish with the most flexible palette ever! Achieve functional, high-quality prints by combining flexible and rigid materials or simplify prints with difficult overhangs by using brittle or soluble media.

    • Use Palette 3 Pro's Random / Gradient mode for more varied prints.
    • Stamping: Using Canvas, Mosaic's slicing software, users can easily print a logo, text, image, etc. directly on the model. This feature allows users to create more personalized and highly detailed prints thanks to the printing possibilities in 8 materials / colors.

    Automatic detection of filament exhaustion

    The ability to use 8 different inputs allows users not only personalized and realistic prints, but also to detect the lack of filament. For larger and longer prints, use any additional inputs such as backup spools to avoid running out of filament or having to replace a spool in the middle of the print. Detection becomes even more important as you can load up to 8 filaments and make sure your longest prints continue to work and / or that you are able to run out of all spools and create less waste.

    How does it work ?

    1. Inputs - Palette 3 Pro has 8 inputs to allow you to use 8 different colors and / or materials for your prints.
    2. Extruders - Palette 3 Pro's all-metal extrusion systems, inspired by those found in industrial FDM machines, precisely control the filament to ensure the correct lengths are guided through each input.
    3. Cutting: a rotating cutting system cuts the filament to always guarantee a clean and low resistance cut.
    4. Splice Core - The updated and optimized Splice Core in Palette 3 Pro assembles filaments in an improved and efficient way, with an additional fan to cool the filament as it exits the Splice Core, greatly speeding up the process.
    5. Limit Switches - Newly developed hardened steel limit switches monitor filament throughout the unit.
    6. Closed Buffer: The newly spliced ​​filament passes through the updated closed buffer system to cool and ensure it remains small before being sent to the printer.
    7. Screen: A higher resolution screen, with more controls and settings, allows you to customize your prints directly from the Palette 3 Pro screen.

    The improved joining mechanism of Splice Core Palette 3 Pro enables faster and more reliable splices.

    We have refined algorithms to optimize splice tubes and increase splice speed without compromising reliability and durability. To achieve this, we have optimized the interior of the splice core tubes to significantly reduce the risk of filament binding within the splice core. In addition, we have improved the cooling capabilities by incorporating an additional fan to cool the filament as it exits the splice, increasing the efficiency of the splice. Palette 3 Pro is 20% faster than Palette 2S and 10% faster than Palette 3. 

    Integrated Canvas Hub
    Palette 3 Pro features a built-in Canvas Hub to create a smooth, seamless printing process.

    Palette 3's built-in Canvas hub means you no longer need to purchase or set up additional hardware to connect all your devices. The integrated hub allows you to enjoy a much faster and easier printing experience within a single device. You will now be able to directly access your prints via the Palette touchscreen and start printing in seconds. It's powerful enough to perform connected palette prints while remotely monitoring from Canvas, even when you're not on the same network.

    Redesigned limit switches

    Switches of new conception and updated limit switches tested to last and overcome wear.

    The P3 Pro is upgraded to include custom designed switches with upgraded hardened steel materials and mechanisms to improve durability. The design is compact, allowing more space to integrate better filament control and tracking throughout the device. The versatile design is perfect for detecting a problem and resisting the friction of filament movement.

    Larger and higher resolution front touchscreen interface

    The new features on a larger screen and with a higher resolution enable an easy to use and efficient printing process. The new screen features allow for more customizations and controls on the palette screen itself. Start and stop your prints and add shades or special commands directly from the Palette 3 Pro screen.

    Multi-color and multi-material functionality with 8 inputs

    Open up unlimited possibilities with the freedom of 8 entrances. Combine up to 8 different colors for all your more complex prints or use the branding function to personalize your prints with your company logo or even a photo. Combine different materials or use the additional items for stock rolls to make longer and larger prints without interruption.


    Palette 3 and Palette 3 Pro are compatible with many 3D printers, materials and cutting software on the market today. Follow the links below to find out if Palette 3/3 Pro is compatible with your installation!

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