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Creality K2 Plus with MultiColor print is coming, Bambu Killer?

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Creality introduced its K2 Plus at its 10th anniversary and spring event on April 9, 2024. Creality K2 Plus is a 350*350*350mm large print format CoreXY 3D printer, an addition to the Creality range Creality K series. Also arriving is the release of Creality CFS, which supports multicolor prints of up to 16 colors.

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CFS - Creality Filament System

The K2 Plus multicolor printer will be sold in a combo kit together with the CFS. The CFS (Creality Filament System) allows up to 16 multicolor prints simultaneously by connecting four parallel units. With automatic filament loading and replacement, users can easily install filament into the CFS, which handles the entire process, including switching to an equivalent filament if necessary.

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Using RFID technology , CFS intelligently identifies the type, color and weight of the filament, selecting the most suitable one for printing. For non-RFID filaments, manually entering and customizing filament details is simple. The CFS serves as an intelligent filament management system, optimizing 3D printing and simplifying filament management.

creality CFS

Its fully sealed design, along with a screen that displays temperature and humidity, ensures optimal printing conditions. Innovative features like a spring-loaded stabilizer and filament buffer prevent filament spillage and improve printing reliability.

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CFS compatibility

Creality announced in the anniversary live that the CFS is designed to be compatible not only with the K2 plus, but also with other 3D printers they plan to release in the future. And for those who already own Creality K1, K1 Max, K1C or Ender 3 V3 printers, upgrade kits will be available. These kits will allow users to integrate the multicolor system into existing printers, expanding their capabilities.

Multi-color printing not only enhances the visual impact of prints, but also improves their efficiency, allowing designers to show customers intricate details more vividly.

Creality K2 Plus

Water-soluble supports

CFS also facilitates support removal by offering the option of water-soluble supports , making post-processing easier and more efficient. With these capabilities, multicolor printing with CFS opens up new possibilities for creative expression and design innovation.

Apus direct drive extruder

Discover the new Apus Direct Drive, at the heart of the K2 Plus. It is highly integrated and includes an integrated mounting cutter, a runout sensor and a precise leveling sensor. Its tall gears are made of hardened steel with DLC coating for durability, ensuring stability even when printing with carbon fiber filament . The hotend is completely updated, boasting a maximum print temperature of 350°C and a flow rate of 66%, higher than the previous model.

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Closed loop FOC motors

Another landmark advancement in hardware is the implementation of Field-Oriented Control (FOC) closed-loop models . This high-end motor control mechanism is applied to all motors of K2 Plus , including the extruder model, ensuring greater overall performance. To put it simply, with each rotation of the motor, there are over 32,000 controllable microsteps , ensuring minimal heat build-up, improved torque, superior printing precision, low error tolerance rates and exceptionally high speeds.

Creality K2 Plus

Maximum speed 600 mm/s, maximum acceleration 30,000 mm/s²

K2 Plus can reach the extraordinary speed of 600 mm/s with an acceleration of 30,000 mm/s². This means a standard bench press can be completed in just 10 minutes . Some may wonder why the K2 Plus is faster than the K1 and K1 Max, which can also reach speeds of 600 mm/s. The key is in the acceleration rate. The printer experiences deceleration, change of direction, and acceleration between small segments of the print path, consuming significant time. Therefore, while maintaining consistent speed, the K2 Plus can substantially reduce overall print time.

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K2 Plus Specifications

Model Number: K2 Plus 3D Printer
Print volume: 350 x 350 x 350 mm
Machine dimensions: 495*515*640 mm
Machine weight: 45 kg
Rated power: 1200W
Rated voltage: 100-240V-50/60Hz
Nozzle temperature: 350°C
Nozzle: Integrated metal heatbreak tri-nozzle
Extrusion system: APUS All-metal direct drive extruder (1x) with filament cutter.
Printing speed (typical): 300 mm/s
Printing speed (max): 600 mm/s with acceleration of 30'000 mm/s2
Camera: “AI” camera

K2 Plus print quality

Latest chips and secure network

Nowadays, the 3D printer increasingly resembles a high-performance personal computer. The chips and networks serve as the foundation for advanced features, such as multicolor filament management and next-generation leveling, enabled by features like NFC on the K2 Plus. The use of a faster dual-core CPU and spacious ROM 32GB EMMC ensures delay-free processing of data and commands. Additionally, the inclusion of dual-band WiFi and Ethernet connectivity facilitates Internet access, while protocols such as W2 and W3 enhance network security for the K2 Plus model. Overall, the K2 Plus boasts a number of impressive features that contribute to its remarkable performance capabilities.

AI camera

When it comes to software, the main feature is undoubtedly artificial intelligence. The K2 Plus incorporates an AI camera that can scan objects and identify printing errors autonomously, all without relying on internet connectivity. This local processing not only speeds up operations, but also improves accuracy and ensures secure data handling. Furthermore, AI model fusion is planned to be introduced in the near future, which promises to further improve detection accuracy.

Creality K2 Plus

Design of the K2 Plus

K2 Plus is a CoreXY printer completely enclosed in a sturdy die-cast chassis. The 5mm thick aluminum alloy heating bed ensures uniform resistance to heating and deformation. Furthermore, it is equipped with anti-oscillation double Z-axis and linear guides to ensure reliability.

Updates based on previous

The K2 Plus boasts an impressive set of features that set it apart. Includes dual cooling fans for fast and consistent model solidification, along with a native chamber heater that improves engine endurance, especially for engineered components.
The addition of a tempered glass door, capable of opening up to 145 degrees, adds convenience, while the hinge ensures smooth operation and minimal noise.

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With operating speeds below 48 decibels, the K2 Plus offers a remarkably quiet experience.
Its construction makes it ideal for professional use, evident in the parts made from elegant carbon materials that rival their injection-molded counterparts. Additionally, the K2 Plus supports a wide range of filaments, including RFID-enabled high-speed, high-strength, and abrasion-resistant materials. Its compatibility extends to heat-resistant substrates and easy-to-peel materials, making it suitable for different applications.
While the hardware features are impressive, it's the intuitively designed software that really brings the K2 Plus to life, making it a pleasure to use.

K2 Plus pricing and availability

Creality has promised a July 31, 2024 launch of the K2 Plus and K2 Plus Multicolor Combo for printing on the go. And Creality confirmed that CFS multicolor printing would be compatible with other printers. For those wondering, the upcoming K2 series will include CFS (Color Fusion System) as a standard feature on all models. Additionally, Creality is working on multi-color upgrade kits for the existing K1 series (K1, K1 Max, K1C) and Ender3 V3 series , allowing them to join the Multical family. Stay tuned for more Multical products coming soon!

Creality K2 Plus

The price of Creality K2 Plus or K2 Plus Combo has not been released yet.

Note that the declared characteristics of Creality K2 Plus and K2 Plus Combo on the occasion of the anniversary are mostly similar to Bambu X1-C and X1-C Combo (print volume: 256×256×256mm), we assume that Creality K2 Plus (print volume: 350×350×350mm) would most likely have a similar price to that of the Bambu X1-C.

In short

Now let's summarize why the K2 Plus really rocks. It offers the coveted multi-colored print and boasts a build volume of 350*350*350mm on closed CoreXY construction, setting it apart from the competition. With next-generation auto-leveling and a sophisticated AI camera, it achieves astonishingly high speeds of up to 300-600 mm/s. Furthermore, it includes a direct drive extruder "Apus", etc. With these incredible features combined, the K2 Plus stands out as the best 3D printer on the market.

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