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DJI Osmo Pocket 3 review: DJI's camera has a larger sensor

Check out DJI's latest Pocket in our review

DJI just released the latest iteration of its series of handheld gimbal cameras that are small enough to fit in your pocket. Osmo Pocket 3 it gets an updated camera with a larger Type 1 sensor – a frequent request from users of previous Pocket models – and a 2-inch rotatable screen that lets you easily turn the device on and switch between horizontal and vertical shooting.

Osmo Pocket 3 it starts at 549 Euros and includes the Osmo Pocket 3, a Type-C to Type-C PD cable and a protective cover. Osmo Pocket 3 Creator Combo retails for 689 Euros and includes the device, the USB-C cable itself, a DJI Mic 2 transmitter , a DJI Mic 2 windshield, a DJI Mic 2 clip magnet, a battery handle, a mini tripod and the Carrying Bag.

Let's take a closer look at what this creator-focused camera brings to the table and whether it ups its game enough to warrant an upgrade.


osmo pocket 3 sensor review

The Osmo Pocket 3 has a Type 1 CMOS sensor, with the entire lens stabilized on a 3-axis mechanical gimbal. It can shoot high-speed movies up to 4K/120p. It has an equivalent of 20 mm. focal length and fixed aperture F2.0. It can take 9.4MP photos and reach a maximum resolution of 4K for videos.

For some types of video shooting, the DJI Pocket 3 now competes with the likes of Sony's ZV-1F, but with the added benefit of a gimbal for super-smooth shooting.

In comparison, the Osmo Pocket 2, released 3 years ago, has a much smaller 1/1.7 type sensor, also stabilized on a 3-axis mechanical gimbal, which can shoot footage up to 4K/60p. It's clear that the new Pocket 3 beats the old one in terms of imaging specs in almost every aspect.

DJI has also equipped the Pocket 3 with its 10-bit D-Log M and 10-bit HLG color profiles for greater dynamic range when shooting video.


osmo pocket 3 display review

Pocket 3 features a 2-inch full-color rotatable OLED touchscreen with 100% P3 color gamut coverage. This allows you to switch between horizontal and vertical shooting. The previous generation Pocket 2 had a much smaller display that couldn't swivel, so it seems like a big upgrade whether you're trying to capture cinematic footage or vertical shots for social media.

This clever rotatable screen also gives you access to the most essential features. You can tap the icon in the bottom right corner and immediately change the camera orientation.


osmo pocket 3 controls review

Pictured above is the 5D joystick that allows you to re-center the gimbal, zoom in or out, pan, tilt, and change the orientation of the camera with just a few taps. On the right is the on/off button which also lets you start and stop recording or take a photo.

Osmo Pocket 3 is powered by a built-in 1300mAh battery that can be charged to 80% in 16 minutes and 100% in 32 minutes. This is a significant improvement over the Pocket 2's 875 mAh battery. When fully charged, it can record up to 116 minutes of 4K/60p footage or 166 minutes of 1080p/24p footage; the Pocket 2 was only rated for 140 minutes of 1080p/24p footage.

DJI Mimo and LightCut apps

osmo pocket 3 app review

Like the Pocket 2, the Pocket 3 is powered by the Mimo app by DJI. You can switch between photo and video modes on the right side of the menu. The icon above the record button lets you maneuver the camera while above it lets you change its orientation.

Osmo Pocket 3 offers creative modes including Motionlapse, the equivalent of a moving timelapse, and SpinShot, which allows 180º movements with one hand.

For editing and sharing on social media, DJI's LightCut app quickly assembles videos using intelligent recognition and a set of built-in templates.


osmo pocket 3 Mic 2 review

DJI is taking audio seriously with the Pocket 3, offering a Mic 2 transmitter with the Creator Combo bundle. Like the company's standalone wireless microphones, this one contains a microphone, 8GB of internal storage for off-camera audio backup, and can stream sound directly to the Pocket 3. Users can choose to select only Mic 2 for audio or to have a stereo setup with simultaneous recording from the camera and the wireless module. DJI says the Mic 2 transmitter should last up to 6 hours on a single charge.


osmo pocket 3 accessories review

Osmo Pocket 3 offers accessories including a 950 mAh attachable battery handle to extend the battery life of the device. It has a 1/4 inch thread for mounting on a tripod and can be connected to external audio equipment with a USB-C adapter. DJI's mini tripod can be screwed into the battery grip for added stability when recording a timelapse.

DJI also offers a compatible wide conversion lens for an expanded 108º FOV and a black fog filter to manage glare from lights and soften skin tones.

Other available accessories include an ND filter set (with ND16, ND64, and ND256 filters), an expansion adapter to fit an action camera port or cold shoe, and a carrying bag.

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