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The new DJI RC 2 firmware makes it easier to transfer screen recordings

DJI has released a new firmware update for the remote controller DJI RC 2, making it easier for users to export recordings and screen screenshots.

With its integrated 5.5-inch FHD screen that eliminates the hassle of connecting to a smartphone for flights, the RC 2 remote controller is compatible with DJI's most sought-after consumer drones, Air 3 And Mini 4 Pro.

Both of these drones recently received significant new firmware updates, gaining features like Vision Assist and Auto mode for ActiveTrack 360. And RC 2 v02.00.0300 firmware is part of the same holiday season drop.

In addition to fixing some known issues, the new firmware adds support for saving screenshots and recordings to any microSD card installed in the remote. So, if you're someone who uses remote control recordings and screenshots for social media or content creation, the ease of exporting will help improve your overall drone flying experience.

To activate this feature, go to the DJI Fly app home page (v1.12.4), tap Profile > Settings > Storage, and set the SD Card as the storage location.

Compared to the previous generation DJI RC, the 369 Euro RC 2 features additional antennas, a better processor for smooth operations and the company's latest video transmission technology, O4.

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