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The DJI Mavic 3 Pro drone receives a new firmware update

DJI has released a new firmware update for the Mavic 3 Pro, the world's first consumer drone with a three-camera system.

Firmware v01.01.0500 is now available for download for the Mavic 3 Pro, while the DJI RC Pro Remote Controller can be updated to version v03.02.0700. If you use the DJI RC instead, you can update your remote controller to version v01.03.1000. The DJI RC-N1 controller, however, can be updated to version 04.18.0500. The DJI Fly app version compatible with this update is 1.12.4 or newer.

While DJI always makes sure to fix as many known issues as possible with new software packages, this firmware update is primarily aimed at users in China. The country has a new set of interim drone laws that will come into effect on January 1, 2024, and this update will help drone pilots comply with local regulatory requirements. Overall, these new regulations are expected to prevent drone-related security risks and provide greater legal support for the robust development of China's UAV industry.

According to the legislation, drone owners will have to present an identity document when registering with the authorities and those who use and operate the drones will have to have certain qualifications. No-fly zones and airspaces open to drones have been revamped with application processes for activities involving drones.

Even if they have authorizations, drone pilots will have to notify the air traffic management agency of the expected take-off time and preparations one hour before the scheduled take-off and fly only after the agency's confirmation.

At the same time, China is trying to improve drone-based emergency response systems. For example, those using drones to carry out tasks such as counter-terrorism surveillance, emergency rescue, disaster relief and medical deliveries will have to report to authorities 30 minutes before scheduled take-off. The final approval or disapproval decision will be made known 10 minutes before takeoff.

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