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The DJI Air 3 drone becomes compatible with FPV glasses

DJI has released an exciting new firmware update for the Air 3, making its do-it-all drone compatible with the latest generation Integra Goggles, Goggles 2 and the RC Motion 2 remote controller. The latter have been released for the first time together with the DJI Avata FPV aircraft. These peripherals were first released alongside the DJI Avata FPV aircraft.

The Air 3 now works with FPV goggles

Goggles 2 is a high-resolution, low-latency transmission system that delivers crystal-clear FPV video. The headphones are equipped with a micro-OLED screen with adjustable diopters, so people who normally wear glasses do not need to use them with these glasses.

The DJI Goggles Integra are a more recent innovation from the tech giant. In addition to advanced micro-OLED screens and DJI O3+ ultra-low latency video transmission, the Integra features an "integrated" design (hence the name): this means that the product merges the headband and battery into a single element, freeing riders from loose connection cables and making it easier than ever to put on and take off glasses.

Meanwhile, RC Motion 2 is a motion-sensing joystick that allows users of all levels to navigate, maneuver and explore the skies in a unique way.

Naturally, many Air 3 users have been waiting for this compatibility to arrive so they can have an immersive first-person flying experience with their drone. Now you simply need to update the aircraft's firmware to version v01.00.0600, as well as the glasses and motion controller joystick to the latest firmware version to connect them together.

You can use DJI Assistant 2 (Consumer Drone Series) to update the firmware of each device individually or use the DJI Fly application to update the firmware. If you are using DJI Fly, do the following:
A. Aircraft: Update the firmware with the remote controller.
B. Glasses and motion controller: Turn on the glasses and motion controller. Connect the goggles' USB-C port to a mobile device, launch DJI Fly, and select Profile > Device Manager. Locate the matching glasses. Select Firmware Update and follow the onscreen instructions to update the firmware.

DJI Air 3 drone firmware update: what's new?

In addition to making the drone compatible with FPV goggles, the new firmware equips the Air 3 with several other features.

For starters, the drone is now capable of taking five 48MP photos when using AEB and Burst Shooting. Additionally, DJI has added support for manually setting the maximum horizontal speed in normal mode to 15 m/s.

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