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DJI Video Transmitter revolutionizes remote monitoring

Thanks to the possibility of monitoring video and audio remotely via wireless up to 6 km away from the video camera, DJI Video Transmitter it is able to revolutionize work on set, offering maximum freedom to operators and at the same time allowing perfect control of filming.

Designed to work in conjunction with Ronin series products and DJI Master Wheels, DJI Video Transmitter allows for 1080p/60fps live feed with a maximum bitrate of 50 Mb/s, thanks to O3 Pro video transmission technology, and real-time audio monitoring at 16 bit and 48 kHz. Result: impeccable monitoring with imperceptible latency times, thanks to the use of the same chip adopted by Ronin 4D and which allows an optimized connection with cinema cameras such as Alexa Mini LF.

DJI Video Transmitter

An efficient and safe transmission

It's not all. Taking advantage of the 2.4 and 5.8 GHz frequency bands but also the DFS bands which make up to 23 channels available, DJI Video Transmitter puts protected from any interference problems which can disturb the wireless signal. Furthermore, the device supports triple-band automatic frequency hopping, which scans the electromagnetic environment to find the most efficient wireless channel based on the crowding of the channels in the air. In any case, the user will have the possibility, thanks to the integrated frequency sweeper, to manually select the channel he deems optimal to avoid interference.

And there's more: support for 256-bit AES encryption , thanks to the chip designed by DJI, offers maximum security and inviolability of data in transmission, making the data unreadable by any other device that can intercept the signal.

Also at ease in the fray

For an even more stable and efficient connection, high gain antennas can also be mounted, thus enhancing the transmission capacity of the device. Also because a single transmitter It can work in conjunction with several other transmitters and receivers , up to 20 or more, to meet the needs of crews operating with multiple members and teams.

In the mode Control , DJI Video Transmitter allows optimal monitoring on two receivers simultaneously, also allowing remote control of Ronin 2, RS 3 Pro stabilization and camera focus.

Enabling the mode Broadcast , in addition to Control, it will be possible to allow monitoring on an unlimited number of receivers.

Great integration, maximum convenience

DJI Video Transmitter integrates a large number of ports : for 4D video transmitter, 3G-SDI loop output, 3G-SDI input and output, HDMI 1.4 Type-A input, for DJI high-brightness remote monitor, 3.5mm stereo jack, microSD card slot (for internal recording and monitor playback), HDMI 2.0 Type-A input, HDMI 1.4 Type-A output, USB Type-C port (for firmware update), plus power port. Used in combination with Ronin 2 or RS 3 Pro, it can be mounted on the shoe adapter on the bottom and powered directly by the stabilizer . It is also possible to power it with a DJI WB37 battery and using V-mount battery adapters.

The contents of the package

The buyer will find in the DJI Video Transmitter sales box, the video transmitter, the WB37 (TX) battery adapter, the NP-F (TX) battery adapter, two video transmission antennas for Ronin, a USB cable -C, one SDI cable, three power cables (one DC, one DC to P-TAP, and one USB-C to LEMO), one RS stabilizer mounting plate, and installation hardware.

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