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DJI Transmission, for perfect remote video and audio monitoring

DJI Transmission (High-Bright Monitor Combo) is the remote viewing solution capable of revolutionizing the way of working on any set. Designed to operate in conjunction with devices from the Ronin and DJI Master Wheels range, it allows for 1080p/60 fps wireless video transmission with maximum bitrate of 50 Mb/s and 16 bit/48 kHz audio up to a maximum distance of 6 km , for an unprecedented remote monitoring experience.

DJI Transmission

Superior performance

DJI Transmission video transmitter and receiver adopt the same chip as Ronin 4D for imperceptible transmission latency. Furthermore, transmission in 2.4 and 5.8 GHz frequencies and in DFS bands with 23 channel options and triple-band automatic scanning eliminates any possibility of interference to guarantee perfect audio and video.

The remote monitor offers high brightness (1,500 nits), a 1,920×1,200 pixel touch panel , integrated processing chip and is capable of reproducing faithful and brilliant colors. Plus it comes with a tempered glass protector. It also comes with tools like safe zone, framing guide, zebra stripes, false color, peaking and waveform for precise composition, exposure and focus. The microSD card slot allows recording and playback of a live H.264 feed at 1080p/60fps, as well as simultaneous access to video timecodes.

Featuring a built-in receiver, for maximum portability and efficiency, it supports one transmitter with multiple receivers for video and audio feeds in two modes transmission: Control and Broadcast . In the first DJI Transmission offers optimal transmission performance. Tracking can be done from two receivers simultaneously, while the Ronin 2, RS 3 Pro and camera focus can all be controlled remotely. In Broadcast mode, which can be activated in addition to Control mode, it allows an unlimited number of receivers and is perfect for crews that operate with multiple members and teams.

That's not all: thanks to the efficient transmission protocol, DJI Transmission can operate with 20 or more transmitters sending signals to 20 or more monitors simultaneously, for a smooth and coordinated experience that is difficult to achieve with traditional transmission setups.

Furthermore, the integrated signal encryption technology protects you from any safety problems for your filming.

Absolute control

The remote monitor has a built-in gyro sensor which makes it a Standalone motion controller for Ronin 2 or RS 3 Pro , without the need for additional accessories. Users can thus achieve more complex camera movements from a moving vehicle or with a jib.

Additionally, when used with Ronin 4D grips, the joystick can control the Ronin 2 or RS 3 Pro stabilizer, and the focus wheel can control focus and camera parameters such as aperture, shutter and ISO, while the shutter button controls start/stop recording.

If used instead with DJI Master Wheels or DJI Force Pro , the remote monitor allows users to get more advanced stabilizer control when using Ronin 2 or RS 3 Pro, and by taking advantage of DJI Transimitter protocols, you will triple transmission performance, as well as improve signal distance , stability and protection from interference.

The elements of the kit

DJI Transmission (High-Bright Monitor Combo) consists of: a video transmitter, a high-brightness remote monitor, a WB37 smart battery, an RS stabilizer mounting plate, three battery adapters – WB37, NP-F (TX) and NP-F (RX) – data and power cables, cover and protective case. Everything you need to immediately test it with your equipment.

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