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DJI Ronin RavenEye Transmission System, video streaming has never been easier

Raven Eye

Compatible with DJI RS 2, RSC 2, RS 3 and RS3 Pro stabilizers, DJI's RavenEye wireless video transmission system offers the possibility of real-time and remote viewing of what is being filmed. Connected to the camera or video camera via HDMI cable, it can send a Wi-Fi signal to a smartphone or tablet with the Ronin app installed to allow monitoring on the device's display. This gives you the opportunity to share, with a low-cost solution, what you are framing with other subjects of the crew. RavenEye transmits video in 1080p resolution up to 100 meters away and with a latency of just 50 ms. The operating frequencies of DJI RavenEye are between 2.400 and 2.4835 GHZ and 5.725 – 7.580 GHz.

Not just video transmission

When used in conjunction with DJI RS 2 and RSC 2, the transmitter also allows you to not only stream but also control the stabilizer and use the ActiveTrack 3.0 function. The latter allows content creators to automatically follow a moving subject, without the need to manually orient the gimbal: a great convenience.

There is more. RavenEye also offers the possibility of using the Force Mobile function more easily, which you find integrated in the Ronin app: it is thus possible to control the movements of the gimbal by simply rotating and tilting the smartphone. The RavenEye and Force Mobile combination therefore makes it even easier and more intuitive to capture fluid and dynamic videos with professional-level quality. Finally, RavenEye is designed not to hinder the video operator's movements in any way, thanks to its compact dimensions (82x63x24 mm) and a weight contained in just 126 grams.

The contents of the package

In the sales box the buyer will find, in addition to the RavenEye transmitter, a ¼”-20 cold shoe adapter, a USB-C charging cable (40 cm), a 20 cm USB-C power cable, a Mini HDMI to HDMI cable (20cm), one Mini HDMI to Mini HDMI cable (20cm), one Mini HDMI to Micro HDMI cable (20cm), four screws and Allen key

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