DJI Ronin 4D with 11 new features

DJI Ronin 4D , which integrates DJI's most advanced technologies into a full-frame cinema camera with four-axis stabilization and LiDAR focusing, is about to receive a substantial update to its features.

The Ronin 4D was born as a consequence of the various innovations of DJI's experience with drones, particularly in the field of filming, stabilization and video transmission. To develop this product, DJI consulted film professionals from around the world. But some of the proposals received by DJI were “very challenging to implement on a completely new product and required additional testing and adjustments to ensure an excellent and high-level user experience.

Now DJI is ready to roll out expanded camera system features through firmware updates. In addition to the Ronin 4D camera, new features are also coming to the High-Bright remote monitor, which integrates a wireless video receiver into the 7-inch 1,500 nit screen.

Here's the full list of details on what to expect from the firmware updates expected for the High-Bright Remote Monitor in early August and for the main camera body later in the month:

  1. Independent recording and playback
    After the firmware update, the High-Bright Remote Monitor will be able to support independent recording and storage of H.264 video up to 1080p/60fps to the microSD card. This way, when using multiple remote monitors together, each monitor will be able to play clips separately without interfering with the other monitors.
  2. Motion control through High-Bright remote monitor
    The High-Bright Remote Monitor can act as a standalone motion controller for Ronin 4D, allowing filmmakers to achieve more complex camera movements from a moving vehicle or with a jib.
  3. HDMI signal input
    The High-Bright Remote Monitor will support up to 1080p/60fps video input after the August firmware update.
  4. New codec: ProRes 422 LT
    The Ronin 4D camera will be able to deliver footage quality close to ProRes 422 HQ at a much lower bitrate and easier to store, once its software package is updated with a firmware update.
  5. 3.5m timecode audio input
    The DJI Ronin 4D will support Audio Timecode input to synchronize timecode between different cameras.
  6. Anamorphic de-squeeze display
    The cinema camera will support a de-squeeze factor setting to allow operators to monitor the screen at a normal aspect ratio when using an anamorphic lens.
  7. Clean HDMI video output
    The HDMI port on the main camera body will be able to support clean video output up to 4K/60fps after the August update.
  8. HDMI output with timecode and recording signal information
    Once this feature is enabled, Ronin 4D will be able to support the use of third-party monitors for timecode recording and synchronization.
  9. Complete parameter settings with right-hand grip
    This feature aims to improve the user experience when operating with both hands. Allows the operator to perform almost all screen functions with the right grip.
  10. Double tap to zoom in on any area
    As you may have guessed, by double tapping the screen the operator will be able to zoom in and drag the selection to check the details.
  11. Automatic loop playback
    Movies automatically play repeatedly.

Bug fixes

The August 2022 firmware update also fixes the following bugs:

  • Z-axis jitter when tilting.
  • Abnormal sounds when switching the ND filter after installing the E-Mount unit.
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