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DJI releases new firmware for the Osmo Mobile 6 and OM SE gimbals

DJI has released new firmware updates for its latest smartphone gimbals, the Osmo Mobile 6 (OM 6) and Osmo Mobile SE (OM SE). To take advantage of the new software package, you must also update the DJI Mimo app.

Earlier this year, DJI introduced the brand new ActiveTrack 6.0 subject tracking technology for its smartphone stabilizers. The tech giant has equipped the OM 6 and OM SE with a better-than-ever autofocus function, allowing the gimbals to reliably detect and track subjects even when they're obstructed in scenes with multiple people or when they're performing fast or dramatic movements, such as those while playing a sport. Additionally, the front camera has been optimized to track subjects who turn sideways or rotate.

Additionally, the subject tracking function has been aligned with the camera's zoom function. This means that subjects can be followed seamlessly while using the zoom function for richer visual effects and a dramatic cinematic feel. The gimbal can also find a subject that has left the frame and follow it again through automatic zoom and gimbal movements to give the effect of continuous tracking.

New firmware v01.05.01.10 released for the $149 OM 6 and $99 OM SE optimizes the performance of this technology. And, as with most firmware updates, it also fixes some known bugs. The Mimo application has also been updated to v1.11.4 for iPhones and v1.11.2 for Android users.

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