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DJI Mic, the high-fidelity wireless microphone and receiver kit

For a professional film, video quality is only one of the key components, the other is certainly the audio quality. This is why DJI has thought of a solution capable of combining performance, versatility, safety and practicality. Let's talk about DJI Mic , a device composed of wireless microphone high fidelity (there are two in the package) with integrated transmitter and a receiver. The microphone can be worn thanks to the clip but it is also possible to use the magnetic one under the garment, if there is not a flap of fabric that is suitable for us. The receiver, on the other hand, attaches to the camera or camcorder thanks to the cold shoe and connects via a 3.5 mm stereo jack cable. It can also be connected to other recording sources, the most typical case being one smartphone , via Lightning or USB-C cable. In any case, wireless pairing between microphones and receiver is immediate: simply remove them from the case to start recording.

Practicality and autonomy

The coverage range of the wireless signal (which uses the 2.4 GHz frequency band and is encrypted) is 250 meters, a distance that allows you to move freely even in the largest locations and sets. Furthermore, the microphone, with its 30 grams of weight, is light and does not cause any hindrance in movement. Its autonomy is 5.5 hours while that of the receiver is 5 hours. The case, capable of hosting the two microphones and the receiver, integrates a battery that brings autonomy up to 15 hours (tested with 48 kHz audio streaming in mono .wav format at 24 bit resolution) to work with maximum serenity, also and above all, in outdoor contexts.

Zero interference, maximum performance

The signal, thanks to the technology developed by DJI, is stable and always free of interference. But, for maximum peace of mind for the film maker and the certainty of perfect audio in any circumstance and condition, the two DJI Mic microphones are equipped with internal memory which records locally up to 14 hours of audio . Not only can the operator carry out monitoring with headphones but - thanks to the touchscreen display integrated on the receiver, which offers the possibility of managing settings and other operations - he can also view the metering of the incoming audio signal, thus having everything at a glance eye in an instant.

DJI Mic microphones support omnidirectional audio , useful for example in the case of interviews or for capturing ambient sounds, and allow stereo recording on two separate channels. The channels can also be combined into one mono channel for more streamlined post-production work.

The system allows you to set the gain between -12 and +12 dB for every recording need. Not only that, you can also enable simultaneous recording of one safety track , a secondary audio track with recording level set to -6dB compared to the main one, which protects against clipping problems and consequent signal distortion. The result is thus guaranteed.

The contents of the package

In the DJI Mic package the buyer will find two microphones with integrated transmitter, a receiver with touch display, a docking and charging case, a 3.5 mm audio cable for connection to the video camera or other sources with analog input, two adapters for mobile devices (USB-C and Lightning), two windscreens for the microphones, the hot shoe adapter for the receiver, the charging cable, two magnetic clips and a practical pouch to store everything.

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