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The new DJI Air 3 update arrives with the correction of some bugs

DJI has released a new firmware update for DJI Air 3 . The update contains a number of bug fixes.

Aircraft firmware version 01.00.0700 is now available for download for the DJI Air 3. Additionally, the remote controller firmware has been updated to version for the DJI RC 2, which features a built-in screen, and version for the DJI RC-N2. You can also update the application DJI Fly to its latest version, 1.12.3. As always, check your camera settings in the app after the firmware update, as they will likely have been reset to default values.

The official release notes provided by DJI do not specifically mention what issues the new firmware fixes. However, the drone manufacturer recommends keeping your devices updated to the latest versions for a better and safer flying experience.

The last major firmware update for the Air 3 was in September 2023, when DJI made its drone compatible with i Goggles Integra and Goggles 2 latest generation and with remote controller RC Motion 2 for FPV flight .

Overall, compared to the Air 2S, the latest model of the Air series has undergone comprehensive upgrades in terms of battery life, image transmission and obstacle avoidance, aiming to provide users with a more enjoyable flying experience . The Air 3 features dual cameras, both equipped with 1/1.3-inch sensors, to capture 48MP photos and HDR videos at 4K/60fps.

In terms of imaging, the drone's ISP performance and algorithms have been improved by DJI, resulting in improved overall image quality. Furthermore, the image consistency of the dual camera is high and provides ample space for post-processing with low difficulty.

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