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The new firmware update for the DJI Mini 4 Pro drone arrives

DJI today released a new firmware update for its latest sub-8 ounce drone, the Mini 4 Pro.

Aircraft firmware version 01.00.0210 is now available for download for the Mini 4 Pro, which features a 1/1.3-inch CMOS sensor, a new image processing platform, and native dual ISO fusion. The corresponding firmware version for the DJI RC 2 remote controller is 02.00.0100, while for the DJI RC-N2 controller with built-in display it is 01.01.0100. The recommended DJI Fly application version for this update is 1.12.3.

DJI's release notes for this update aren't terribly exciting: "Fixed some known issues." But it is essential to keep your devices updated to their latest versions for a better and safer flying experience.

Firmware helps improve the functionality, stability, and user experience of a product. When the app reports the availability of new firmware, DJI recommends updating it promptly. If firmware of an older version is used for a long time, it may affect the performance of the product.

Typically, firmware updates take about 10 minutes. During this time, it is normal for the gimbal to lock, the aircraft status indicators to flash, and the aircraft to restart. Please wait patiently for the update to complete.

Also, before performing an update, make sure that the Intelligent Flight Battery is at least 50% charged and that the remote control is at least 30% charged. If you are using a computer to perform the update, you should never disconnect the aircraft from the computer during the update.

The easiest way to update the Mini 4 Pro is through the DJI Fly app: just turn on the drone and remote controller, and after the drone is connected to the app, tap Update when the app displays a message stating that new firmware is available.

While downloading, keep your mobile device network connected and the app will automatically download the firmware. Once the firmware is downloaded, tap Update to start the firmware update. When the progress bar is completed, it means the firmware update was successful. The drone restarts automatically.

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