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DJI M30 series drones offer superior performance, 200x maximum zoom, compact size and more

Businesses and professionals who need a flexible and robust drone will be happy to see the new DJI M30 series. Find out how they can assist you and your crew no matter how harsh the environment or extreme conditions.

M30 series drones work in extreme conditions

The new Matrice 30 and Matrice 30T are next-generation enterprise-grade drones, ready to assist in even the toughest and most intensive professions.

From powerful performance to advanced cameras and compact design, these new models are sure to come in handy for professionals across a range of industries. Let's take a look at what makes the new DJI M30 series drones so effective.

Incredible features, efficient flight performance

Chances are you won't disagree that the first and most important factor of any drone is its flight performance.

Flight performance is extremely critical. That's why DJI has made the effort to ensure that its latest drones are more than capable. The drones of the series DJI M30 have a flight time of 41 minutes , one wind resistance of 15 m / s , a service roof of 7,000 m and a maximum speed of 23 m / s .

Offers adaptability in difficult weather conditions

Because DJI's M30 series drones have enterprise in mind, they need to withstand the harsh environmental conditions in which many commercial and industrial services work. For example, firefighters, platform workers, emergency services and many other professionals will be able to use drones in all kinds of elements. This is because these drones provide a IP55 protection along with the ability to operate in temperatures ranging from -4º to 122º F.

It includes a number of useful onboard technologies

DJI's new M30 series drones go beyond flight performance and weather resistance . They are loaded with onboard technologies that help improve the user experience while doing the job.

There are dual vision and ToF sensors on all 6 sides of the devices, as well as an ADS-B receiver that can provide alerts regarding nearby manned aircraft. There are also redundancy and backup systems that help in case of unforeseen situations.

The drones also offer improved transmission by using antennas that support OcuSync3 Enterprise. This means you can get input feed swapping and triple channel 1080p video no matter what kind of conditions you are working in.

Lightweight portability and a superior camera

Two other factors that make these drones even better are their superior camera and ease of portability. The devices are compact and can be folded for storage, weighing less than 8.4 lbs.

The camera system offers a wide camera, a zoom camera, a thermal image camera and a laser rangefinder. There Zoom Camera , in particular, provides a 48 MP with a 1/2 inch CMOS sensor, up to 16x optical zoom, 200x max hybrid zoom, 8K photo resolution and 4K video .

It also has night and low-light flight capabilities.

Offers a hardware controller and dedicated apps

Finally, DJI provides several ways to control and interact with the M30 series drones. For example, there is a dedicated app that you can use with your smartphone or tablet.

More impressive, however, is the advanced hardware controller. The DJI Pilot 2 reimagines the user interface, has an ergonomic design and provides useful information on the screen. For example, you can get important notifications or take a look at the pre-flight checklist.

Not only that, but the controller itself features a long-lasting battery, a 7-inch display, and IP54 dust and water resistance. It also works in the same temperature range as drones.

DJI Pilot 2 controller with a 7-inch display

Rugged, state-of-the-art drones that get the job done

There is no doubt that people from all industries and services will be able to find a use for these rugged and state-of-the-art drones. There is also no question of their ability to get the job done.

Between the robustness of the DJI M30 series drones and the advanced technology they contain, they offer a wide spectrum of flexibility and potential. Add to this their extra features and available accessories, and you have even more opportunities. For an enterprise-ready drone, look no further than the M30 series.

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