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Production and refinery management - DJI ENTERPRISE

Main advantages of production and refinery management

Management of service facilities and equipment

Quickly and remotely inspect, map and monitor structures such as torches and cooling towers from the ground without interrupting operations.

Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR)

Identify leaks quickly and accurately using drones equipped with specialized sensors, keeping staff safe and enabling timely decision making.

Safety and security

Conduct regular facility patrols and routine security inspections with automated drone flights, seamlessly documenting key findings and critical issues.

Plant digitization

Build high-definition 2D maps and 3D models of vertical plants and structures using survey drones, digitally illustrating the inspection results.

Management of service facilities and equipment


Traditional challenges in managing service facilities and equipment

  • Operations often have to be stopped to fix problems in the facility or conduct inspections, which would result in a loss in value.
  • Torches, oil tanks and cooling towers are dangerous sites for inspection personnel.
  • Long hours of work are required to cover the larger sites. Limitations in handheld instruments, data collection may be incomplete.

How drones improve facility management

  • Employ drones to inspect complex structures while keeping operations running, addressing problems with minimal loss of value.
  • Get a complete overview of the entire site, including all parts of the facilities above, without risking the lives of staff.
  • Digitize inspection results for coordinated response, data logging and optimized project management.

Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR)

refinery2 Traditional challenges in LDAR

  • Personnel could be exposed to toxic gases during a leak investigation. Traditional tools are unable to identify the full extent of the loss.
  • Operations often have to be stopped to fix problems in the facility or conduct inspections, which would result in a loss in value.
  • Specialized detection equipment is expensive and difficult to maneuver and use.

How drones help with LDAR

  • Cover large areas with just a few drone flights to efficiently test for leaks and determine the extent of the leak.
  • Significantly reduce the cost of procuring detection equipment by using agile gas detectors for payloads on drones.
  • Digitized live streams of detection progress help teams visualize the leak and take quick action to fix it.

Safety and security

refinery 3

Traditional challenges in maintaining safety and security

  • Incidents are often extremely dangerous, response teams may not be able to be on site immediately due to a lack of an overview of the situation.
  • Fixed security cameras and staff patrols could leave undetected areas of the site, while frequent dispatch of patrol teams could be costly.
  • Intruders and illegally deployed drones could go unnoticed using traditional methods.

How drones maintain safety and security

  • It employs drones to get an immediate overview of the site, providing real-time feed-back to the command center, allowing response teams to manage the emergency safely and efficiently.
  • Patrols equipped with drones provide complete coverage of the site, improving inspection efficiency and economy.
  • Detect intruding drones and assist with police investigations using Aeroscope.

Resource digitization

refinery 4

Traditional challenges in asset digitization

  • The lack of visual data and accurate asset models makes it difficult to automate inspection and maintenance.
  • Traditional inspection reports may involve multiple teams, so they are difficult to compile and view digitally.
  • Site inspection and survey data are considered sensitive information that must be stored locally in compliance with specific data security requirements.

How drones digitize resources

  • Significantly reduce operating costs by creating 2D and 3D models to digitize assets, enabling automated site management and maintenance.
  • Deploy drones to reduce or eliminate people entering hazardous spaces.
  • Prevent risks and improve efficiency by viewing inspection results while storing data locally.
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