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DJI Phantom 4 Multispectral, the new precision agriculture drone

DJI today, at AirWorks, introduced a new standard for the use of drones in the agricultural sector with P4 Multispectral , the world's first drone with a fully integrated multispectral imaging system, designed for precision agriculture and environmental monitoring.

P4 Multispectral combines data from six different sensors to measure crop health, from individual plants to larger plots, and detect the presence of weeds, insects and other soil diseases. With the agricultural drone market expected to grow from $ 1.2 billion in 2019 to $ 4.8 billion by 2024, P4 Multispectral offers growers and agronomists a new tool to improve crop yields, reduce costs and assist environmental protection professionals to monitor the state of the vegetation on their territory.

"P4 Multispectral aims to transform the agricultural and land management sector by collecting accurate data on plant health without the need to send operators for manual intervention," he said Jan Gasparic , director of strategic partnerships for DJI. "By integrating a multispectral imaging system into a reliable, efficient and affordable tool, DJI has made transformative technology more accessible to professionals around the world who were the first to use drones in their industry."

Accurate system of multispectral images

P4 Multispectral It features a stabilized image system consisting of an RGB camera and a range of multispectral cameras with five narrowband sensors (including Red-Edge and near-infrared) capable of capturing both visible and invisible light. These data offer trained personnel a clear and exclusive view of vegetation stress, soil composition and salinity and contamination of the water used. A spectral sunlight sensor optimizes the accuracy and consistency of data acquisition processes occurring at different times of the day.

Seamless integration with the flight planning app DJI Ground Station Pro , allows pilots to compare the real-time images of plants, taken by the drone's RGB camera, and the values ​​of the normalized vegetation index (NDVI), for immediate evaluation in the field. An integrated RTK module and TimeSync system provide accurate, real-time positioning data for each image, optimizing photogrammetric results and offering accurate measurements to the centimeter level.

Compatibility with industry standards

P4 Multispectral It is compatible with industry workflow standards such as flight planning, mapping and data analysis software from DJI and other industry leaders. With the application DJI GS Pro , users can create automated and repeatable missions such as flight planning, intervention execution and flight data management. Collected data can be easily imported into DJI Terra or in third party software suites such as Pix4D Field , DroneDeploy , AgiSoft PhotoScan And SlantView , to analyze and generate maps with an additional vegetation index. In addition, P4 Multispectral users have the option of increasing positioning accuracy RTK , in the absence of a network connection, using the high-precision GNSS mobile station D-RTK 2 by DJI, which supports all major global satellite navigation systems, or by using a network Third party RTK from an iPad with internet connection.

Powerful performance

With a structure that recalls that of the iconic Phantom, P4 Multispectral exploits OcuSync , DJI's powerful transmission system, to ensure a flight experience free from signal interference, and with clear video images up to a distance of 7 km. (Free of obstacles and interference, in compliance with FCC regulations. Flight distance information refers to radio signal strength and resilience. It is recommended to fly within sight at all times, unless otherwise permitted). Each of its own two megapixel cameras features a global shutter for more accurate image capture, for a battery life of twenty-seven minutes.

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